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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1926

To a Young Lady of V.U.C. on the Occasion of Her Twenty-first Birthday

To a Young Lady of V.U.C. on the Occasion of Her Twenty-first Birthday.

Now is the time when gentle maidenhood
Blooms sweetest, and the world is highest spring.
Now seem old earth and all his creatures good,
Birds and the heart together loudest sing;

5 Now is day crowned with glory, now is night
Glorious many-starred; for now the sun
Leaps like a lion to the topmost height
Of heaven and shakes his brazen mane; each one
Of night's bright stars glitters as though his light

10 Alone made visible the firmament.
Now streams run merrily within their beds
For maids to bathe white-skinned, their beauty lent
To earth and water; great hills lift their heads
For youth to walk upon, and trees are hung

15 With branches million-leaved for eyes to see.
Oh, is there ancient poet that has sung
Such life, such virginal felicity?
Now laughter breaks in silver, now the eyes
Laugh silently, now is the flood divine

20 Of joy that is most lovely, joy that's wise.
This be the song I lay upon your shrine!