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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1926

Tournament Delegates:

Tournament Delegates:

F. H. Paul. L. A. Tracy.
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—Photo by Crown Studios. Wellington.

Back Row. G. J. Sceats (A and B), J. F. Platts-Mills (B.), W. G. Kalaugher (A.), H. N Burns (T.), R. E. Pope (A.).

Third Row: A. Ainslie (S.), F. Desmond (B.), E. B. Smith (A.), G. E. Parker (S.), J. K. Hunn (B.), W. P. Rollings (D.), I. H. Macarthur (S.).

Second Row: F. R. E. O'Connor (S.), R. M. Campbell (D.), E. K. Eastwood (A.), F. S. Hill (A.), M. Leadbetter (A.), T. G. Hislop (S.), B. R. O'Brien (T.).

Front Row: H. F. Bollard (S.), G. B. Richardson (B.), Miss S. Goodwin (T.), Miss E. M. Madeley (T.), L. A. Tracy (Del.), Miss O. M. Sheppard (T.), Miss M. Metcalfe (T.), F. H. Paul (T. and Del.), R. McL. Ferkins (T.).

Absent: C. B. Allan (A.), I. Bertram (S.), W. Harris (S.), D. L. Jackson (A.), A. D. Priestley (A.), T. P. Rollings (A.).

(A.) Athletics, (B.) Boxing, (D.) Debating, (S.) Shooting, (T.) Tennis, (Del.) Delegate.

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The Auckland team with barrackers and camp-followers complete arrived in Wellington on Wednesday, 31st March, and spent a brief but happy afternoon in taking shelter from the autumn showers alternately in the Y.M.C.A. building and under Willis Street shop verandahs. Precisely at a quarter to eight the good ship "Wahine" moved out to the accompaniment of rather spiritless hakas, and journeyed on in her usual graceful fashion and the rain to Lyttelton, where further rain awaited the travellers. Still more rain and an excellent breakfast comprised the chief items of interest during our fifty-minute sojourn in the Cathedral City, and with accumulating numbers the gallant company occupied all available seats on one of the many express trains leaving that day for the South. Oamaru was the first dry township reached, but the sun shone merrily from then until we reached the Exhibition. Hospitality was awaiting the teams with open arms on the Dunedin station platform, and in less time than it took (subsequently) to get a turn on the Dodge-'ems, representatives were speeding homewards with their respective hosts.

Friday was spent in Exhibitioning (the nearest conceivable approach to "Wembling"), and a good deal else was spent at the same time. The forenoon was graced with an official welcome by the Mayor of Dunedin (Mr. H. L. Tapley, M.P.), and Mr. A. H. E. Molson, for the Imperial Debaters, and Mr. L. A. Tracy, for everyone else, replied effectively to His Worship's remarks.

Thereafter followed an official reception by the management of the Exhibition, with afternoon tea accompaniment; a motorcar ride on the Sunday afternoon, and a students' service at first Church in the evening; then tennis; athletics; debating (in which the number of participants exceeded, we believe, chat of any former years); more tennis; a little more Exhibition; a thrilling and gorgeous Tournament Ball, and then farewell.

The visiting teams, the Tournament Shield, the Joynt Scroll and the Athletic Shield set out for the north on Wednesday morning; the customary tears and anguish of parting were dispensed with. The guerilla warfare on the stations during the journey was sharp and decisive. A prominent Canterbury representative left the train at Ashburton, the Tournament Shield and the Joynt Scroll broke the journey at Christchurch, and shortly after dawn on Thursday the V.U.C. representatives blew into Port Nicholson in the good old time-honoured fashion, and dispersed swiftly to climb once more the hills of home.