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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Victoria University College Graduates, 1925

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Victoria University College Graduates, 1925

"Each perfect in its place; and each content With that perfection which its being meant."


Doctor of Philosophy.

"Something awfully nice I know
And nobody knows but me:
I know where the pussy-cat willows grow
On the pussy-cat willow tree."

"Tiny Tots Annual.

Yeates. John Stuart.

Masters of Arts With Honours.

"We have set the seal of Solomon on all things under sun, Of knowledge and of sorrow and endurance of things done.


Clark, Maida Jessie 2nd Class in History
Dickinson, William Edward 2nd Class in Economics
Downes, Winifred 2nd Class in French
Edwards, Ralph Wallace 1st Class in Economics
Foden, Norman Arthur 2nd Class in Economics
Fortune, Reo Franklin 1st Class in Philosophy
Fowler. Etta Margaret 2nd Class in Latin and English
Herrick, Miriam Margaret 1st Class in Chemistry
Munro, Murdoch Might 2nd Class in Philosophy
Paul, Eileen Mary 2nd Class in English and French
Sheat, Ruth Violet 2nd Class in French

Masters of Arts.

"Can we wonder at the languor and lassitude which is thus produced by a life of learned sloth and ignorance. . . . !


  • Lynch, Catherine
  • Mutter. Nell Dorothy Annie
  • Newton, Ella Marjorie
  • Pigou, Agnes Myrtle
  • Thompson, Fredrick Grenville
  • Wilson, Melvyn Lily

Bachelors Of Arts.

" Here we go in a flung festoon,

Half -way up to the jealous moon!"


  • Aldis, Wilfrid Charles Arthur
  • Barnsdale, Gwynedd Vaughan
  • Balham, Walter Frederick Charles
  • Bell, Florence Annie Isittene
  • * Brown. Alice Gertrude
  • Bi'uce. Helen Maisie
  • Bryant, Robert Catley
  • Campbell, Jean Margaret
  • Campbell, Richard Mitchelson
  • Caughley, Frank Gordon
  • Chapman, Rhoda Mary
  • Cook, Marjorie Annie
  • Cook, Olivia May
  • Corkill, Gladys Mary
  • Delaney, Joseph Thomas
  • Dighton, John Lyell
  • Gibbard, David Edward
  • Goodwin, Mary Stewart
  • Gray, Lillie
  • Hayes. Dorothy Edith
  • Joiner, Dorothy Margaret
  • Kirk, Charles Gordon
  • Leitch. Madeline Lilian
  • MacKenzie, Mary Isabel
  • Martin-Smith, Percival
  • Mayne, Robert John
  • Merrick, Francis Samuel
  • Miller, Leslie George
  • Moir, George Knyoch
  • Mullon, Elmira Chadwick
  • McGregor, Jessie Alexa
  • O'Neill, Mary Maude
  • Patterson, Grace Marion
  • Pope, Eileen Margaret
  • Robinson, Arthur Cedric
  • Rogers, Charles Henry
  • Sheridan, Zoe Theresa
  • Shirer, Kathleen Ruby May
  • Shotlander, Lionel
  • Simpson, James Alexander Grahame
  • Smith, Isabel Gordon
  • Ward, Rhoda Amy
  • Whitehead, Harold Gilbert
  • Whitehead, Hedley Garth
  • Wiren, Edgar Charles

* Senior University Scholar.

Master of Science With Honours.

"The more angel she% and thou the blacker devil."


Beggs, Phyllis Eileen 2nd Class in Mathematics
Weston, Ivan Wingate 1st Class in Economics (old regulations).
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Master of Science.

"I never yet knew a man determined to be lazy that had not an ample opportunity afforded him".


Jackson, Albert

Bachelors Of Science.

"To the eye that can read aright there is an infinite variety even in the most ordinary human being".

—G. I I. Lewes.

  • Allan, Hector Frank
  • *Barnicoat, Cuthbert Richmond
  • Burton, John Vernon
  • Foster, Laurence Dallington
  • Holt, Harold Robert
  • Miller, David
  • Morice, George William
  • Rhodes, Kasi Fanny Margarita
  • Russell. John Whitworth
  • Wesney. Eileen Mera
  • Young, Russell Richard Thomas

* *Senior University Scholars.

Masters of Law With Honours.

"Shall any law be given to such wild creatures?"

—De Foe

Dickson, David McClelland 2nd Class Honours
Malfroy, Jules Omer John 2nd Class Honours
Pope, Russell Edward 2nd Class Honours
Wallace, Ivan Stuart 2nd Class Honours

Master of Law.

"I find I am wiser than a Justice of the Peace now"

—Beaumont and Fletcher.

Burton. Robert Christian Cooper

Bachelors of Law.

"Let these

Insnare the wretched in the toils of law.

Fomenting discord, and perplexing right,

An iron race."


  • Beckingsale, Frank Roy Nelson
  • Chatwin, Lothair Aris
  • Chrisp, Dawson Ernest
  • Garbett. James Jackson
  • Hollings, Alfred Luscombe
  • Ivory. Arthur Henry
  • Lockie, James Randal
  • Morgan, Leonard Edgar
  • McDuff, John Levy
  • McRae, Alexander Duncan
  • Smith, Meredith Maurice
  • Virtue, David Wilson
  • Wallace, James Frederick Russell

Masters of Commerce With Honours.

"Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life The flag of skull and bones . . ."

—Peter Pan.

Ashwin, Bernard Carl 2nd Class Economics and Company Law
Thompson, Henry James 1st Class Economics and Economic History

Bachelor Of Commerce.

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion".


Thomson, Vivian Arthur Dickens

Diploma of Journalism.

"Forced to drudge for the dregs of men.

And scrawl strange words with a barbarous pen."


Dumbleton, Eric Vernon

Diplomas of Education.

"It is necessary to fathom one's ignorance on one subject in order to discover how little one Knows on other subjects."

—Comments of Bagshot.

  • Aitken, Janet Winifred
  • Bishop, Cecil John
  • Gardner. Rua Isabel
  • Kirk, Ida May
  • McCrea. Mona
  • Wilson, Ella Catherine