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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Graduates' Luncheon

Graduates' Luncheon

This noble and imposing event was this year held in Kirkcaldie and Stain's new tearoom (we believe its official name is Annexe, and that it is Jacobean). The luncheon was remarkable, indeed, unique—in that it was the first one in living memory at which a decent meal was provided and obtainable. What this means to the graduand, trembling on the brink of academic honour, no one can understand who has not been through the delightful yet terrifying experience; what it means to the graduate, mulcted not only for his own needs, but for the free feed of his brother and sister whom he delights to honour, any graduate will say. Thanks are hereby tendered to the architects and builders of the aforesaid structure of nourishment. We forget the details, but they went down all right.

Speeches were few. The President of that almost excessively named body, the Victoria University College Graduates and Past Students' Association, Mr. S. A. Wiren, proposed the toast of the Sovereign and then that of the new graduates, whom he welcomed into the fold in his own felicitous way. Mr. P. Martin-Smith (how he does keep bobbing up with new honours at these functions, bless him!) replied in his usual vein of optimistic idealism. Mr. Wiren then called on Mr. Arthur Fair to propose the toast of the College, remarking in doing so on the dizzy heights of respectability to which Mr. Fair, as new Solicitor-General and K.C., was so rapidly elevating himself. Mr. Fair replied with thanks and deprecation and then got on with the toast, recommending same to our earnest attention in a speech bright and amusing as of yore. Mr. P. Levi, the Chairman of the Council, thanked us, and after rendering the Final Chorus we dispersed in orderly fashion towards the Town Hall.