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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Historical Society

Historical Society.

" How many pleasures have been enjoyed by robbers, patricides, tyrants."

M. Aurelius Antonius.

It has long been felt that History has not held the place in the University which it should hold. This year, in order to remedy the evil, an Historical Society, having as its main object the study of History in its broadest aspects has been formed.

Meetings are held regularly and papers on Historical topics are read and discussed.

The Society held its opening meeting on April 20th, when Miss N. E. Coad, M.A., gave a short address on the report of the recent History Commission. About forty people were present, and an interesting if not entirely relevant discussion followed.

The next meeting was at the beginning of June (the vacation interfering with monthly meetings), when Mr. Beaglehole spoke on "History in the University." A certain amount of interest was created in this subject by the inflammatory, if rhetorical, question displayed in the hall: "Why do all the duds take History?" a complete answer to which, however, was judiciously dodged. History had not hitherto occupied the place in the University in N.Z. which was its right; but there were signs of awakening interest. The examples of Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Manchester were quoted, and a plea made to try to attract, the very best brains among young students to the subject. Fairly wholesale reforms were suggested in the present syllabus. The discussion consisted mainly of questions on various points among the suggested changes, after which Professor F. P. Wilson remarked that a good many of them would be found incorporated in the new syllabus, on which a committee was now working.

Further addresses have been arranged, and it is hoped that the interest shown so far in the Society will he maintained throughout the session.