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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Christian Union

Christian Union.

"The threepenny bit is not to be despised. Men famous in no way for their style, not even for their learning, have maintained life by inscribing within its narrow boundaries the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments. . . "


We have decided that this issue of the "Spike" will witness something new in the matter of C.U. notes. Every half-year the secretary scratches his head and wonders—then ends with a revised edition of the notes of the three years before. This year, however, all is to be changed—the C.U. notes are to scintillate, to sparkle, to show something of the vim which is invigorating our Union.

Cambridge Conference gave us the impetus; a pre-sessional retreat at Rona Bay carried us on to the beginning of College life, and once more we were all but submerged in the usual sea of troubles. The hand-books were so late in appearing that they had lost more than half their value, and the long delay over the arrival of the Bible Study books prevented us from page 69 beginning study circles until the second term. But we were not quite overwhelmed and we work on undaunted. The study circles are now in full swing, and seemingly delay has caused no loss of enthusiasm.

Social teas have been revived again, but the number at them has been small owing, we hope, to the uninviting weather. Where, oh, where do all the musicians go on Saturday nights? There has certainly been a sad lack of them at the social teas. Now, however, the teas have been taken over by the Students' Association and there are likely to be interesting developments. So "watch the notice boards."

Sunday teas are held monthly in St. John's Schoolroom, on the first Sunday of the month. The next one will, however, be on the last Sunday of June to coincide with the visit of the N.Z.S.C.M. General Secretary, Rev. W. H. P. McKenzie.

Intercession circles are held weekly—on Wednesdays from 8.15 p.m. in A3, and on Sundays at 8.30 p.m. in the Y.W.C.A.. Boulcott Street.

General Meetings are once again the order of the day, but more time is now given up to discussion than in former years. These meetings are held fortnightly at the close of the Intercessory Circle.

This year we have had an even larger number of visitors than usual. Our two N.Z. women secretaries and our foreign secretary have been very welcome visitors "home" to Victoria College. We were privileged in having Miss Gavin in Wellington until the last moment, as she sailed on her return to India from Wellington.

To bid her farewell our Union, with the members of Auxiliary, gave her a party in the College gymnasium, which seems to have been quite successful, though it was unfortunately during the vacation.

Rev. W. H. P. McKenzie has also been here, followed closely by Rev. E. C. Dewick. Student Movement Secretary in India.

During their visit a week-end retreat was held at Putt Park, which, from all accounts, was a great success, in spite of the fact that the barometer registered something approximate to freezing point, and the cook soaked sugar for the porridge, instead of oatmeal.