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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Athletic Club

Athletic Club.

"We are creatures of movement; complete repose is death."


This year the Club has again had a very successful season; in fact, one might almost say it has had its most successful season. Numerically, the Club is very little stronger than it was the previous season, but the performance of the members have been much improved.

Owing to the presence of the visiting athletes from Australia, the N.Z. Council held a test meeting on the only Saturday afternoon suitable, and this year the Club was accordingly forced to hold the annual inter-faculty sports at two evening meetings on the Basin Reserve.

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The weather was all that could be desired, and in two events new records were established, namely, the 440 yards (C. B. Allan, 51 4-5sec.). and the mile walk (S. G. McIntosh, 7min. 4sec.). The Oram Cup for the most points gained by a competitor was won by W. G. Kalaugher, while the Graduates' Cup for the best performance was awarded to Allan and Mcintosh jointly.

Although the Club filled only third place for the McVilly Shield at the Provincial Championships, yet the points gained were considerably more than had ever previously been scored by the Club.

In the John Dewar Challenge Shield the Club was well out of the running. This competition is decided on a handicap basis, and as the majority of the Club's members are back markers it was possible to gain only a comparatively few points.

The Club is, however, justly proud of its relay racing, and although it has been beaten when the team has not been up to full strength, with the Club's best team in the field no club has yet, over any distance, beaten it.

The Club is the present holder of the Oates Baton for most points gained in the relay races held at evening meetings, the Heenan Challenge Baton, the Hobson Cup for the one mile relay, and the University Relay Cup. In winning the latter for the fourth successive time the Club has established a record. Shortly before Easter a relay team consisting of C. B. Allan, C. W. Davies, M. Leadbetter, and F. S. Hill went to Palmerston North and was successful in defeating teams from Wanganui and Mana-watu. Owing to the fact that the Heenan Baton Relay Race was run on the same night as the Inter-faculty Sports, Hill and Leadbetter were unable to compete in the 220 yards College Championship. The following were the members of the relay team during the year: A. D. Priestly (880 yards), C. B. Allan (880 and 440 yards), C. W. Davies (880 and 440 yards). L. A. Tracy (440 and 220 yards), M. Leadbetter (220 yards). F. S. Hill (220 yards).

At the annual Inter-Varsity Tournament, held at Christchurch, the College again gained second place in athletics. The team consisted wholly of Club members, and on the whole they can be proud of their performances. But for unforeseen and unfortunate accidents the Athletic Shield would almost certainly have been brought to Wellington. Both Allan and Priestly were distinctly off colour. Had they been properly fit we feel sure that the 440 and 880, one mile and three miles' titles would now be held by V.U.C.

Club members were again successful in championship and other competitions. The following members gained or successful defended their championship titles:—

M. Leadbetter—
  • Won 100 yards Wellington Provincial Championship.
  • Won 100 yards N.Z. Championship.
  • Won 100 yards and 220 yards N.Z. University Championship.
  • Won 100 yards Inter-faculty Championship.
L. A. Tracy—
  • 2nd in the 220 yards Provincial Championships.
  • 3rd in the 440 yards Provincial Championships.
1st (equal) in the 220 yards N.Z. Championship.
  • 2nd in the 440 yards N.Z. Championship.
A. D. Priestly—
  • 2nd in 1 mile Provincial Championship.
  • 2nd in 1 mile N.Z. Championship.
  • Won Inter-faculty mile.
S. G. McIntosh—
  • 1st 1 mile walk Provincial Championship.
  • 1st 3 miles walk Provincial Championship.
  • 2nd 1 mile walk N.Z. Championship.
  • 2nd 3 mile walk N.Z. Championship.
E. V. Dunbar—
  • 1st Javelin Provincial Championship.
  • 3rd Javelin N.Z. Championship.
  • 2nd 120 Hurdles N.Z. Championship.

As will be seen from the foregoing the Club has had a very successful season, and it is hoped that the coming season will be more successful still, hut, as we remarked in commencement, the Club is not very strong numerically. Freshers should make a point of joining the Club and so help to add fresh laurels to its name.