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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

Cricket Club

Cricket Club.

"Long as I had some kind of wicket
'Twas never the wrong 'un. fast or slow;
An' I thank my stars I look to cricket
Seven-an'-fifty years ago."

—Norman Gale.

The past season has been probably the most important that the Club has ever passed through. The battle for senior status seems at last to have been fought and won, and the winning of the Junior A championship for two years in succession is no mean achievement. A fine team spirit and an enthusiasm second to none have, however, pulled us through, and, after all, inexperience is perhaps not such a great handicap as at first sight appears. With youth and enthusiasm on our side the battle was half won.

The standard of play during the past season showed an all-round improvement except in fielding. At times the work of the team in the field bordered on brilliant, whilst at others it showed an astonishing reversal of form, due, no doubt, to lack of concentration and over-confidence. The previous year's success, whilst giving some the confidence necessary for success in any sport, gave to others what seemed very much like an excess of it. It would perhaps be as well to remind players here "that a game is never won until it is over." The previous year's team spirit was. to a small degree, lost—the clinging together for moral support so conspicuous the previous year, when, easily the youngest team in our grade, we started rather nervously to show that youth will prevail—was almost wholly replaced by confidence. A notable exception to this falling off both in the team work and in the field work was found in the match against Kilbirnie, page 63 when the whole team rose to the occasion magnificently and adminstered severe drubbing to a team composed practically of ex-senior players.

The carrying-off of championship honours two years in succession by such a young team is an achievement the merit of which may be seen when it is stated that never before has a university eleven succeeded in carrying off championship honours. Although probably the youngest team that has ever represented the 'Varsity, the team prides itself on having set a new standard for 'Varsity cricket and on having upheld the best traditions of university sport and sportsmanship.

All the members of last year's team are young enough to have all their cricket' before them, and it is hoped that those 'Varsity men who have been playing for outside clubs will rally round the old colours and help to carry off the senior championship and, more especially, the Club championship. The prospects for the coming season are of the brightest, and the Club hopes to continue its policy of encouraging young players and of fostering that team spirit which has made a happy family of the Club's adherents during the last two years.

It is very pleasing to record the success which finally attended the persevering efforts of the Junior B team, which was very unlucky in not defeating the undefeated champions in their grade.

First Eleven Matches.

V. Hutt—Won by 37 runs on the first innings. 'Varsity made 142 and Hutt replied with 105.

V. Petone—Won by seven wickets. 'Varsity, first innings, 184 and three wickets for 77. Petone, 199 and 133.

V. Institute—Lost by 35 runs on the first innings. 'Varsity 124 and seven wickets for 237. Institute 159 and 308. The only loss of the season.

V. Wellington—Won by an innings and 44 runs. 'Varsity seven wickets for 364. Wellington 207 and 113.

V. Midland—Won by seven wickets. 'Varsity 99 and three wickets for 144. Midland 163 and 76.

V. Kilbirnie—Won by an innings and 14 runs. 'Varsity 331. Kilbirnie 114 and 203. Kilbirnie were previously unbeaten.

V. Eastbourne—Won by an innings and 124 runs. Varsity 337. Eastbourne 128 and 85.

V. Old Boys—Won by 10 wickets. 'Varsity 279 and 8 for no wickets. Old Boys 104 and 179.

Batting Averages.

No. Innings. Not Outs. Total Runs. Highest Score. Average.
Mackenzie 10 2 337 77* 42.1
A. M. Wilson 8 3 203 71 40.6
Berry 8 2 234 140* 39.0
Kent 6 0 213 92 35.5
Hollings 11 1 303 67 30.3
Greig 10 1 222 77 24.7
Wiren 10 2 183 42 22.9

Bowling Averages.

Overs. Maidens. Runs. Wickets. Average
Hollings 204 35 670 57 11.8
Wilson 33 0 236 18 13.1
Greig 166 10 720 42 17.1
Wiren 51 6 240 8 30.0