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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925


" And when thyself with shining foot shall pass
Among the guests star-scatter'd on the grass
And in thy joyous errand reach the spot
Where I made one—turn down an empty glass!

Omar Khayyam.

At the date of our going to press the Club's prospects seem to be particularly bright, and though we touch wood while saying it, there appears to be an excellent chance of the senior team winning the local competition It is perhaps too soon, so to speak, but a worderful spirit of optimism pervades the Club and its numerous and generous supporters, and while undeniably the majority of the matches won by the senior team have been against the weaker teams, yet it is significant that contrary to all tradition, so far (the "saving clause ") the team has played consistently, especially when the odds seemed against it.

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With a team of younger players with a sprinkling of those with thinning hair, the Club seems to be full of dashing players who have shown Saturday after Saturday a very pleasing team-spirit and combination. This is true not only of the senior team, but also of all the others; in spite of vacation difficulties and the handicap of distant grounds even the emergencies turn up regularly. It is sincerely hoped that this spirit will continue to be so much in evidence.

This year the Club has put in the field one team more than last year, and although the proposed College grade competitions unfortunately did not eventuate, the team which would have played therein has been entered in the third grade competition and has done well to keep up the high standard set by the teams in the higher grades.

The College first fifteen also is to be congratulated on being the only College team to defeat the Sydney University visiting team. In the three tests between Sydney University and New Zealand Universities the College was well represented, the following members of the senior team playing in the N.Z. University team: H. N. Burns (1st), R. H. C. Mackenzie (2nd and 3rd), J. O. J. Malfroy (2nd and 3rd), P. Martin-Smith (2nd and 3rd), C. O'Regan (1st, 2nd and 3rd), Sceats (1st), and E. Walpole (1st). The captain of the senior team, P. Martin-Smith, who was not available for the first test, captained the second test team and was vice-captain of the third test team.

Two teams again have been entered in the Junior Competition, and in spite of the constant call of the Seniors on members of the Junior A team, that team is doing very well indeed. Both teams seem to be improving as the season progresses. Similarly with the Third Grade Competition, both teams are settling down well.

A newspaper report of the match against Sydney University, played on Athletic Park on Wednesday, the 20th May, is appended, as also are the results of the Senior Grade matches to date.