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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1925

V. Sydney

V. Sydney.

The teams were:—

Sydney University: Full-back, Williams; three-quarters, Johnston, Andrew, M'Dermott, Tilbury; halves, Lamport and Pratt; forwards, Waddington, Todhunter, O'Dea. Storey, Flynn, Hingst, Garratt, Wiseman.

Victoria University College: Full-back, Marks; three-quarters, Malfroy, Kells, Sceats; five-eighths. Walpole, Love; half, Hart; wing-forward, M'Kenzie; forwards, M'William, O'Regan, Burns, Martin-Smith, Joll, Pope, Wiren.

'Varsity won the toss, and took the wind. Sydney followed up their kick-off in lively fashion, and it was soon seen that they had plenty of speed. After a brief spell of even loose exchanges on both sides of the half-way line, Sydney opened up the first passing movement, out from Pratt to Johnston, who failed to take a difficult delivery. The Sydney forwards followed up, and had the better of the footwork. Sceats just managed to force in time. The kick-off did not get far, and 'Varsity were soon again in danger. Pratt opened up his favourite blind side from a scrum, and M'Dermott sent on to Johnston, who scored at the corner. Andrews failed with a difficult kick. Sydney, 3; Victoria College, 0.

The local men were spurred by this early reverse, and began a determined attack. Sydney were penalised for playing the ball on the ground, and O'Regan had an unsuccessful shot at goal. The return kick was charged down, and Malfroy, securing possession, made a good run down the line, and transferring to Walpole, enabled that player to score a good try. O'Regan converted handsomely. 'Varsity, 5; Sydney, 3.

After a breakaway by Lambert and Pratt had been sent back, 'Varsity resumed the attack, and Williams, the Sydney full-back, beaten by the bounce of a long kick to him, slipped, and was overwhelmed by the Green forwards. Malfroy and Walpole picked up, and carried on, and Martin-Smith completed with a good try by the posts. O'Regan easily converted. Varsity, 10; Sydney, 3.

It was not long before the score was enhanced by a penalty goal, kicked by O'Regan. 13-3. Sydney now got going, and, succeeding in the scrums and in loose play, made much headway. McDermott, the most conspicuous of the Sydney backs, was nearly over from a pass round the scrum. The advantage of position was followed up, and a splendid try came from an opening by Hingst, who gave the ball to Lamport. The outside half sidled through the defence and touched down by the posts. page 62 Williams kicked a goal. Half-time followed almost immediately with the score: 'Varsity, 13; Sydney, 8.

Expectations of a close finish were disappointed. The visitors found themselves too tired by the vigorous first spell to take full advantage of the wind in their favour in the second half. Play on the whole at this point was rather dull, and it was not till a great break-away of the Sydney forwards saw Waddington held up on the line, and a return raid by the Greens in their best style, backs and forwards handling the ball with equal facility transferred play right to the other end that the crowd waxed enthusiastic. Malfroy and Kells were the last to handle the ball, and Kells was just tackled in time. A moment later Malfroy tried the other wing, and was just crowded out. M'Dermott, with a great kick, transferred play back to Varsity twenty-five. Here, behind a line-out, he dummied brilliantly, and gave Tilbury a chance with Andrews of scoring. Andrews took the final pass badly. 'Varsity cleared their territory, and a sweeping combined rush was topped off with a fine run by Walpole, who was brought down with an ankle dive by Johnston. Kells took up the running with a clever scoop off the ground, and scored near the corner. O'Regan failed with the kick. The game ended with a win for the local team, 16-8.

Mr. J. Moffitt was referee.