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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

Victoria University College Graduates, 1924

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Victoria University College Graduates, 1924

Masters of Arts with Honours

Beaglehole, John Cawte 1st Class in History
Castle, Una Doreen 1st Class in Latin and French
Gardner, Rua 2nd Class in Philosophy
Heron, Harold Alexander 2nd Class in History
Johnstone, Dora Alexander (1920) 2nd Class in Botany
Kerr, Harold Walter 2nd Class in History
Kerr, Edward Victor George E. 2nd Class in History
Martin, Gordon Utley 2nd Class in History
McNaught, Gifford John 2nd Class in English
Patterson, James McGregor 2nd Class in Economics
Rowe, Arthur Leslie 2nd Class in History
Thornton, Frederic Edward 2nd Class in Economics
Waghorn, Reginald James 1st Class in Geology
Williams, David Owen 1st Class in Economics
King, Eva Mary 2nd Class in History

Masters of Arts

  • Britland, Doreen Mary
  • Carroll, Kathleen Annie
  • Dawn, Margaret Ruth
  • King, Geoffrey John
  • Wallach, Elma Ida Wilhelmina

Diploma of Honours

  • *Troup, Gordon Sloan
  • 1st Class in French

Bachelors of Arts

  • Baird, William George
  • Brock, Charles Lawrence
  • Brown, Mary Lillian
  • Carr, Marjorie Halstead
  • Carver, Henry George
  • Clark, Maida Jessie
  • Daniell, Myra Deau
  • Downes, Winifred
  • East, Alfred Francis Drake
  • Edwards, Ralph Wallace
  • Fortune, Reo Franklin
  • Fowler, Etta Margaret
  • Herrick, Miriam Margaret
  • Holmes, Elsie Mary
  • Hunt, Winifred Mary
  • Kidson, Edward Winton
  • Kirk, Ida May
  • Lawton, Herbert Wesley
  • Leadbetter, Malcolm
  • Lockwood, Amy
  • Lynch, Catherine
  • Mulholland, Sarah Louisa
  • Munro, Murdoch Might
  • Mutter, Nell Dorothy Annie
  • McRae, Janet Elspeth
  • Newton, Ella Marjorie
  • Paul, Eileen Mary
  • Peryman, Henry Lipman Erle
  • Pigou, Agnes Myrtle
  • Sheat, Ruth Violet
  • Syme, Ronald
  • Thompson, Frederick Grenville
  • Wild, Geoffrey Victor
  • Wilson, Melvyn Lily
  • Wood, Douglas Reginald

Doctor of Science

  • Marwick, John

Masters of Science with Honours

Grimmett, Robert Edmund Richard 2nd Class in Zoology
**Myers, John Golding 1st Class in Zoology
Reader, Vera Birdie 2nd Class in Chemistry
Richardson, Henry Lorimer 1st Class in Chemistry

Master of Science

  • McLelland, Norman

Bachelors of Science

  • Beaglehole, Keith
  • Britland, James Joseph George
  • Carter, Norman Robey
  • Cunningham, Gordon Herriot
  • Fathers, Harold Thomas Malcolm
  • Jackson. Albert
  • Moore, Reginald
  • Neill, James Campbell
  • Weston, Ivan Wingate

Masters of Law with Honours

  • , **Goodall, Stephen Inglis
  • Haldane, Alexander McCredie
  • Low, Kenneth William
  • Stewart, James Francis

Master of Laws

  • Moss, Leyon Miall
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Bachelors of Law

  • Ball, Douglas George
  • Burton, Robert Christian Cooper
  • Byrne, Norman Alexander
  • Cruickshank, David James
  • Cullinane, Denis Crispin
  • Free, Alan Walter
  • Hain, Charles Howard
  • Haldane, Eugene William Robert
  • Hogg, Eric Thomas Edward
  • Malfroy, Jules Omer John
  • Moore, Henry Edgar
  • Pope, Russell Edward
  • Reid, John Stanhope
  • Scott, Richard Robert
  • Swan, George Henry Allison
  • Thompson, Malcolm
  • Wallace, Ivan Stuart
  • Whiteman, Neville George Friend
  • Willis, Lawrence William
  • Wiren. Edgar Charles
  • Wood, Douglas Reginald
  • Woodward, Keith Alexander

Bachelors of Commerce

  • Enting, Edmund Laurenz
  • Featonby, Dorothy Helen
  • Mackay, Athol Reay Ferguson
  • Webber, Stanley William

* Travelling Scholar in French.

Senior University Scholar.

** 1851 Exhibition Science Travelling Scholar.

Jacob Joseph Scholar.