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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

Athletic Club

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Athletic Club

This Club has added another very successful year to its age, and can easily claim itself to be one of the chief summer clubs of the College. A few years back the Club was weak numerically, and the quality of its members was comparatively poor; but now, thanks in a large measure to the efforts of its Club Captain, Mr. H. McCormick, it can now hold its own with any other Athletic Club in the Dominion.

The annual inter-faculty sports were held at Athletic Park on April 5th, in anything but ideal weather. In spite of the rain, which fell all the afternoon, some good performances were registered, and in three events new records were established, namely, the 120 yards, R. W. Lander (a first-year student), 16 35 sees.; L. A. Tracy, the 100 yards, 10 2-5 secs., and 220 yards, 22 45 secs. The Oram Cup for the most points gained by a competitor was tied for by D. Priestly and L. A. Tracy, who each secured three wins. The latter also won the Graduates' Cup for the best performance on the day.

Against the other Wellington Clubs, the Club can be proud of its record. The Club was second equal in the McVilly Shield competition, and second in the John Dewar Imperial Challenge Shield Competition. It should be pointed out that in the Provincial Championships the Club members easily obtained the most points in the track events, but did not have the field event men in support.

At the annual Inter-University Tournament, the College gained second place in Athletics. All the members of the team were members of the College Club, and can be proud of their performances. The College, it can be said, was unfortunate in not winning. It should be the aim of all College athletes to do their best for next Easter, and strive to win the Athletic Shield.

Special mention must be made of the Club's relay team, the present holder of the Heenan Baton, which is a baton for competition over the one mile relay race between Clubs in the Canterbury and Wellington Provinces. The Club won the Baton early in the season, and stalled off all challengers. The relay team also defeated the teams representing the other three Universities. The Club can easily claim to have the premier club relay team in the Dominion. The following were the members of the relay team during the year:—A. D. Priestly (880 yards), C. W. Davies (440 and 880 yards), M. Lead better (220 yards), H. G. Whitehead (220 yards), F. S. Hill (220 yards), and L. A. Tracy (440 yards and 220 yards).

The Club has members who have during the past season held their own successfully against champions from all over the Dominion, and have gained the following honours:—

L. A. Tracy: Represented N.Z. at the Australasian Championships at Hobart. Won the 440 yards Australasian Championship, gained second place in 220 yards.

Won 100 yards, 220 yards, and 440 yards, Canterbury Prov. Champs.

Won 220 yards and 440 yards, Wellington Provincial Championships.

Won 220 yards New Zealand Championship. Won 220 yards and 440 yards N.Z. University Championships. He established new or equalled existing records in the following events:—

440 yards Tasmanian Record 50 3-5 secs.
100 yards V.U.C 10 2-5 secs.
220 yards V.U.C. 22 4-5 secs.
220 yards N.Z.U 22 4-5 secs.
440 yards N.Z.U 51 2-5 secs.

A. D. Priestley: Won 880 yards, 1 mile and 3 miles Interfaculty Champ., 1 mile and 3 miles N.Z. University Champ., and established the following record:—

1 mile N.Z. University Record, 4 mins. 31 4-5 secs.

K. M. Griffin: Won 880 yards Auckland Interfaculty Championship, and gained 2nd place in 1 mile Auckland Inter-faculty Championship and 1 mile N.Z. University Championship.

M. Leadbetter: Won 100 yards Wellington Provincial Championship, and gained 2nd place in 440 and 220 yards Inter-faculty Championships.

R. W. Lander: Won 120 yards and 440 yards Hurdles Inter-faculty Championships and 120 yards N.Z. Championship, and established a new record in 120 yards V.U.C. Championship,-16 3-5 secs.

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S. G. Mcintosh: Was selected to represent New Zealand at the Australasian Championships, but was unable to make the trip. Won 1 mile and 3 miles Walks, Wellington Provincial Championships; 3 miles Walk. New Zealand Championship; 1 mile Walk, Interfaculty Championship; and gained second place in 1 mile New Zealand Championship.

The Club's congratulations go out to the above members, but more especially to the following, who were responsible for the Club winning every "B"Grade Championship competed for during the season:—

F. S. Hill on winning 220 yards Wellington Provincial "B" Grade Championship.

C. B. Allen on winning 440 yards Wellington Provincial "B" Grade Championship.

R. C. Christie on winning 880 yards Wellington Provincial "B" Grade Championship.