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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924



This season the Cricket Club has had a most successful season—the best since the end of the war. Although there were sufficient members to justify the entrance of only two teams, nevertheless these teams showed such good form that the prospects for next season are indeed of the best.

The first eleven was successful in winning the Junior A Championship—the first championship that has ever been won by a 'Varsity cricket team. They played eight games, all of which were won with the exception of the game against Porirua, which was lost on the first innings, we being unfortunate in losing the toss. We obtained 26 championship points, the runners page 71 up obtaining 21 and a fraction. Considering that only two of last year's eleven played for us again, this performance is exceedingly satisfactory. The second of our successes was the way in which each member of the team played keenly for the team—they played together as a team and not as eleven individuals. Our strongest point was fielding, and it was this that won the two final games, against teams composed of players of great experience, though lacking youth. Another pleasing feature is that several of the team are excellent" all-rounders."

We played our annual match with Auckland University College at Easter, and came out the winners of the Speight trophy by an innings and 267 runs.

The second eleven, though not so successful as the first, performed creditably, and it is hoped that the conditions under which junior teams play will be improved next season. It is our aim to enter three, and f possible four, teams next season, and the Committee takes this opportunity of exhorting all students to join up with the "king of games." Every endeavour is being made for entrance into senior ranks, and if this is successful the Club should become stronger every season. Join up, then, and help the Club to regain its pre-war status.

The match against Auckland University was played on Easter Saturday and Tuesday at Kelburn Park. We were favoured with warm summer weather, and Auckland, having won the toss, elected to bat first. Wickets fell fairly cheaply at the start, but Sutherland played a good innings, and improved the score. When Wilson was put on, he found his length at once, and quickly disposed of the rest of the side, the innings closing for 76. Wilson bowled very well, keeping a great length with his leg-breaks and googlies and clean bowling four men. Hollings and Greig also bowled well.

Hollings and Evans opened our innings, and Evans' wicket fell at 25. Kent and Greig batted well during their stays, while Hollings was scoring in great style at the other end. When Mackenzie became associated with Hollings a great stand was made, which added 103 runs to our score. Hollings was eventually out at 136, after a fine innings, in which he scored freely all round the wicket. When stumps were drawn Mackenzie was not out for a patient 50.

When play was resumed, Mackenzie hit out in great style, and added 83 to his score in a little over an hour, mainly by beautiful cuts and off-drives. Hain and Mellins batted well, and Wilson scored quickly off the tired bowling. Our innings eventually closed for 405.

In the second innings Auckland batted three short, owing to the railway strike, and were quickly disposed of for 62, leaving us winners by an innings and 267 ruuns. Greig secured most wickets, and was well supported by Hollings. Mackenzie kept wickets very well all through the match.

By this victory we secured possession of the bat presented by Mr. Speight. We are looking forward to defending it in Auckland next season.

The following are the detailed scores:—
First Innings. Second Innings.
Macklow, c. sub., b Arndt 0 l.b.w., b Greig 27
Thompson, b Hollings 7 c. Wilson, b Arndt 3
Bannister, run out 0 c Wilson b Greig 12
Freeman, c Hain, b Greig 3 b Hollings 3
Whelan, b Greig 7 c. Mackenzie, b Greig— 3
Sutherland, b Wilson 39 st. Mackenzie, b Wilson 1
Andrews, b Wilson 12 not out 12
Smith, b Hollings— 2 absent
Faram, not out 0 absent
Kalaugher.b Wilson 0 b Hollings 0
Gray, b Wilson 0 absent
Extras 6 1
Totals 76 62
First innings 76
Grand total 138
Bowling Averages.
First Innings. Second Innings.
Hollings 2 for 28 2 for 18
Greig 2 for 31 3 for 24
Wilson 4 for 8 1 for 18
Arndt 1 for 3 1 for 1
page 72
Hollings, c—, b Kalaugber 136
Evans, c—, b Bannister— 7
Kent, b Whelan 18
Greig, b Andrews 19
Mackenzie, c and b Whelan 133
Arndt, c Whelan, b Andrews 3
Martin, b Kalaugher 3
Hain, c Freeman, b Andrews 23
Wilson, l.b.w., b Whelan 22
Mullins, not out 18
Cresswell, c sub., b Whelan Extras 4
Total 405
Bowling Averages
Kalaugher 2 for 9b Whelan 4 for 46
Bannister 1 for 100 Andrews 3 for 85
Sutherland 0 for 40 Faram 0 for 20

Club Matches (First Eleven).

v. Institute: Won by 109 runs. Varsity—1st innings, 126; 2nd innings, 135. Institute—60 and 92.

v. Thorndon: Won by 263 runs. Varsity—1st innings, 231; and 282 for 4 wickets (declared). Thorndon—171 and 79.

v. Porirua; Lost by 35 runs on the 1st innings. Varsity—1st innings, 89; and 118 for 8 wickets. Porirua—124 and 175.

v. Petone: Won by 9 wickets. With 20 minutes in which to make the 63 runs required for victory, Wilson and Anderson treated Petone to some leatherhunting, making the runs with five minutes to spare. A feature of the match was a good century by Kent. Varsity, 283. Petone, 97 and 248,

V. Selwyn: Won by 78 runs on the 1st innings. This was one of our hardest games, our opponents up to this game being leaders in the championship. Owing to catches in the slips by Hollings and Wiren, two of our most redoubtable opposers were dismissed cheaply. The fielding of the team was nothing short of marvellous, Selwyn being decidedly frightened of attempting anything but sure runs. Varsity, 193 and 168. Selwyn, 115 and 136 for four wickets.

v. Kilbirnie: Won by 80 runs on the 1st innings. This was the final of the championship. We lost the toss, but they sent us to bat. We batted practically the whole afternoon on a very sticky wicket, and compiled 204 by necessarily slow cricket. At one stage we had 4 for 142, but the tail refused to wag, At the close of the day our opponents had 0 for 10. On resuming next Saturday, the wicket was very sodden, favouring the bowlers. Our opponents' score went up; at one time it was 3 for 75 Excitement was intense until Hollings had two men caught, and Wiren finished off the final two, giving us a lead of 80 runs. Although a completed two innings game was out of the Question, we batted again, and occupied the crease until time was called. Our fielding was again excellent, although not quite so accurate as against Selwyn. Varsity, 204. Kilbirnie, 124.

The following were the best averages for the season:—
Innings. Not out. Runs. Average.
Mackenzie 15 4 424 38.5
Hollings 15 533 35.5
Wilson 16 5 324 29.4
Wiren. 10 2 203 25.3
Greig 8 133 16.6
Kent 16 264 16.5
Overs. Maidens. Runs. Wickets. Average.
Anderson 71 9 244 23 10.6
Hollings 172.1 28 532 42 12.6
Greig 86 23 236 17 13.8
Wilson 66.6 3 412 28 14.7
Wiren 64.3 7 258 13 19.8