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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

Mathematical and Physical Society

page 66

Mathematical and Physical Society

This year promises to be a successful one for the Mathematical and Physical Society. The attendances at the meetings and the interest aroused appear to be greater than in previous years. Moreover, the popularity of the Society will be much increased by the generous offer of Professors Sommerville and Florance to provide supper after each meeting, so that the discussion of problems raised at the meetings may be continued in an informal manner.

It was decided, on the Physical side, to have a series of addresses on the structure of the atom. At the first meeting, which was chiefly introductory, Mr. L. A. C Warner spoke on "Radio-activity and Its Bearing on the Atom," giving an account of the radioactive substances and the three types of rays and their properties. Professor Florance, in "Aspects of Sir Ernest Rutherford's Work," gave an account of the historical side of the subject, and also a brief sketch of Rutherford's work.

At the second meeting Mr. L. Shotlander gave an account of the various attempts to prove Euclid's parallel posulate, and Professor Sommerville explained the systems of non-euclidean geometry which have arisen out of these attempts. The meeting then adjourned to the Physics laboratory for supper, where Mrs. Sommerville acted as hostess.

Shortly before our second meeting the Society suffered a sad loss in that our President, Miss E. D. Leech, left us to take up a position at the Stratford High School. Mr. M. McWilliams was elected to fill the vacant position.