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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

Christian Union

Christian Union

We are now well on in what is in many respects a memorable year for what with Jubilee celebrations, tournaments, the visit of the World's Student Christian Federation Travelling Secretary (Mr. Hurrey), and our unusually full programme of retreats, one-day conferences, social teas, and such-like, we have had a busy time.

A most enjoyable retreat was held at Day's Bay just before the commencement of last term. The stimulating effect of this "preparatory effort" has been most noticeable, for we have decided to try the combined circles, which are admitted by other centres to be desirable but unworkable. So far, these have been a success, but they have as yet not reached our ideals, and we hope and pray for greater achievements in the near future.

A men's week-end was held in connection with the visit of our N.Z.S.C.M. Secretary (Mr. H. J. Mackie), about the middle of last term. This camp brought from under the bushel the hidden light of many of our members, some of whom made the discovery that a C.U. retreat is something more than a cloistered seclusion from "worldly things."So delicate were the preparations for ministering to the needs of the inner man that many of us would find it very hard to "take no thought for the morrow, saying what shall ye eat or what shall ye drink."

The value of such a visit as that of Mr. Hurrey cannot be estimated. Many of us feel that we have actually had "our sight renewed," for we have been given in every way a newer, brighter, and higher outlook: we now see and know something of what our fellow-students are doing the world over. So helpful and inspiring did we find our "Yank friend," as he called himself, that we look forward with the greatest of pleasure to the assured visits of such men as Dr. Willis King, Mr. Koo, Dr. Eddie, and numerous others of that great band of W.S.C.F. Secretaries.

Another factor which we feel is helping to make the spiritual tone of our Union is the weekly intercession group, which is run for about twenty minutes by one of our own members.

We are in deep debt to Mr. M. A. Tremewan for again conducting our leaders' circle, and to Miss England for her willingness to take the Sunday morning O.T. Bible Study Circle.

Great enthusiasm has been raised in many quarters of late by the founding of a Social Service Club, from which we hope great things."Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only."

The study circles are again working on "Jesus in the Records," but many of us are dissatisfied with their results, and trust that members in the future will make their search for truth more earnest and diligent.

Next year's Conference is to be held at Cambridge or thereabouts; to this we are looking forward with some enthusiasm, as we did for Waimate, waiting to be again refreshed and to meet our old friends in the other centres.

We express our most heartfelt thanks to our friend, Mr. G. S. Troup, M.A., whom we farewelled last term on the event of his departure to the Old Country. While extremely sorry to lose such a good and trusted friend, we are equally glad to be able to welcome back another old friend, the Rev. John Allan, M.A., who has just successfully completed his studies at New College, Edinburgh. We wish them both the best of luck and success in their future careers.

We wish to thank all fast friends among old students and Professors for the help they have given us during the year, and to assure our "old timers" that we are endeavouring to do our best to live up to the high traditions which they have set before us.