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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

VII.—The Jubilee Spike

VII.—The Jubilee Spike.

And then there was the Spike! Writing in thine own pages, O Spike, is it fit to praise thee? Even as the general Jubilee Committee worked, so worked thy committee. What meetings? what momentous decisions! What discussions with printers! what acres of proofs! what overtime! what midnight vigils! But thou wert out on time, O Spike! Thou appeared'st, and light burst on humanity. V.U.C. history was laid bare. The prosateurs prosed, the poets performed in lengths long and short, the illustra page 13 tions were many and illuminating. There was a leading article on thee in the "Times," O Spike. And, to crown the triumph, thy edition of 750 proved too small, thou sold'st like Hot Cakes and art now out of print! Spike, what glory is here! What leafy crown is this! Did'st thou, on the moment when thou went'st out of print, think that life, after all, was worth living? These are the supreme moments, O Spike!