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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

That Divine Afflatus

That Divine Afflatus

[In the Silver Jubilee Number of "The Spike" a foreword by Sir Robert Stout and some verses by ' S.E.' were headed by this quotation (as, quite by coincidence, it is cited in Cassell's Book of Quotations):—

"Tempus abire tibi est, ne . . .
Rideat et pulset lasciva decentius aetas."

Reference to the original, Horace Epistles II., 2, shows that the omitted words represented by the dots are:—"potum largius aequo."]

Sir Robert Stout and Eichy! Them two with one quotation

As laudators of the temporis that acts as inspiration!

But did they take the trouble to look beyond the dots?

And would Sir Bob have used 'em had he known they stood for "spots"?