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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1923

College Officers

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College Officers

Students' Association.—Patron, Professor E. J. Boyd-Wilson; President, P. Martin-Smith, LL.B.; Vice-Presidents, Miss R. Gardner, B.A., and S. I. Goodall, LL.B.; Hon. Secretary, J. R. Lockie; Hon. Treasurers, Miss E. Madeley, M.A., and R. R. T. Young; Financial Secretary to "Spike," E. W. Mills; Committee, E. Wilson. M.A., E. A. Sewell, M.A., V. B. Reader. B.Sc., A, D. McRae, N. G. F. Whiteman, and E. G. Thomas.

Graduates' and Past Students' Association.—President, A. Fair. LL.B.; Hon. Secretary, Mrs. J. Hannah; Hon. Treasurer, S. A. Wiren, B.A., L.L.M,; Committee, Misses G. F. Cooke, B.A., M. Clachan, M.A., L. Taylor, LL.B., G. F. Dixon, S. Eichelbaum, M.A.. L/L.B., and G. G. G. Watson, M.A., LL.B

Debating Society.—President, Professor D. C. H. Florance; Vice-Presidents, Mr. P. Martin-Smith, LL.B. (Chairman), Mr. E. Evans, M.A. (Vice-Chairman); Secretary. Mr. R. M. Campbell, LL.B.; Treasurer, Mr. H. A. Heron, B.A.; Committee. Miss E. M. Madeley, M.A., Miss V. B. Reader, B.Sc, Mr. J. W. G. Davidson, and Mr. H. McCornlick, LL.B.; Auditor, Mr. S. C. W. Watkins.

Free Discussions' Club.—President, Professor Hunter; Vice-President, J. W. G. Davidson; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, F. H. Haigh; Committee, Misses R. Gardner, B.A., and H. G. Heine, M.A.; Messrs. J. C. Beaglehole, B.A., and R. M. Campbell, LL.B.

Dramatic Club.—President, Professor Boyd-Wrilson; Chairman, Mr. W. R. Kennedy; Hon. Secretary, Mr. A. W. Free; Hon. Treasurer. Mr. J. B. Yaldwyn; Committee, Misses Baldwin. Churchill, Richmond, and (during temporary absence of Miss Baldwin) M. Cooley. Messrs. A. Cousins, E. Evans, S. A. Wiren.

Haeremai Club.—Patron, Professor D. C. H. Florance; Chairman. Mr. L. A. Tracy; Secretary, Mr. A. M. Haldane; Treasurer. Mr. C. Watkins; Committee, Messrs. A. D. McRae, J. R. Lockie, H. E. Moore, W. J. Phillips. W. Kohn; Cooks, Messrs. Britland. Giles. Handerson, and N. Watkins.

Athletic Club.—President, Professcr E. J. Boyd-Wilson; Vice-Presidents, Professors Murphy. Adamson, Easterfield, Dr. Marsden, Messrs. J. D. Sievwright, A. B. Sieywright, T. Rigg, A. T. Duncan, G. G. Aitken. S. A. Wiren, G. G. G. Watson; Club Captain, H. McCormick; Hon. Secretary. K. M. Griffin; Hon. Treasurer, C. W. Davies; Committee, A. Jackson, H. G. Whitehead; Delegate to Centre, G. H, Lusk.

Tennis Club.—President, Professor F. P. Wilson; Vice-President, W. H. Stainton; Hon. Secretary. R. R. T. Young; Hon. Treasurer, F. H. Paul; Committee, Misses R. Gardner, E. M. Madeley, M. Pigou and Messrs. C. G. S. Ellis. M. C. Gibb, and D. F. Stuart.

Rifle Club.—President, W. J. H. Haase; Deputy-President, E. W. Mills: Hon. Secretary-Treasurer, J. S. Yeates; Committee, A. W. Free and R. R. T. Young,

Boxing Club.—President, A. C. Caddick; Chairman, H. D. McRae; Vice-Chairman, N. J. Lewis; Secretary, E. H. Robinson; Treasurer. R. R. T. Young; Committee, V. Coningham, J. Nancarrow, R. Gilpin.

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Tramping Club.—President, Professor Boyd Wilson: Chairman, J. Tat-tersall; Secretary. L. Richardson; Treasurer, K. M. Griffin; Committee, Miss M. Priestley, Miss E. Adams, Miss I. Godfrey, Miss M. Carr, and A. Wiren.

Christian Union.—President, J. C. McCaw; Vice-Presidents, Miss R. Gardner and J. M. Patterson; Corresponding Secretaries, Miss M. Wilson and J. Grigg; Recording Secretary, Miss A. E. Sewell;

Treasurers. Miss M. J.Clark and A. H. Ivory; Committee, all the foregoing and Miss Field.

Football Club.—Patron and President. Professor Boyd- Wilson; Vice-Presidents, Professors Murphy, Hunter, Adamson Sommerville, D. Gilmer, McEvedy, and H. T. Thomson. Messrs. G. G. Aitken, A. E. Caddick, E. K. Lomas. P. J. Ryan. A. S. Fair. H. F. O'Leary, C M. Malfroy, G. G. Gibbes-Watson, W. Perry, and S. Eichelbaum; Captain, A. Jackson; Vice-Captain. A. D. McRae; Hon. Secretary, P. B. Bryden; Hon. Treasurer, P. Martin-Smith; Auditor, S. A. S. A. Wiren; Committee, Messrs. J. N. Millard and G. H. Lusk.

"The Spike."—Editor. J. C. Beaglehole. B.A.; Sub-Editors. Misses M. Carr and H. G. Heine, M.A., Messrs. R. F. Fortune, and H. I. Forde.

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