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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

Olla Podrida

page 63

Olla Podrida.

"To let, single furnished room, to business man, sunny, refined, quiet, use motor shed."—Country Paper.

—Landlady (to prospective tenant): Are you sunny

P.T. (embarrassed): No, mother calls me Algy.

* * * * *

"This was not Hinkler's first notable flight. He is n cool and daring young man-only 2 years old-and he has all his life been devoted to aviation." Evening Post.

—As the .same paper remark,"Almost every week some Incident or other strengthens the claim that yout of Australians make ideal airmen."

* * * * *

"Messrs. de la Mare and Jackson beg to announce that their Business will be carried on during the war by Messrs. Rogers and Stace, Solicitors, Hamilton…" Kawhia Settler, Sept. 2, 1921.

—Thirstina for blood?

* * * * *

"Qua mihi supremum tempus in urbo fuit ."

—Which was closing time in the city. Exam. Paper.

* * * * *

"Since the time of Boisguilbert (l697), there is not an Economist but has treated coined money with perfect disdain. What can it matter?"—Gides' Political Economy, 3rd Ed., p. 288.

—Not so you'd notice it, however.

* * * * *

Petitions and Papers Presented, Tuesday, 11th July, 1922.

"120. Petition of Robert Leader and 1,893 others, that legislation be introduced providing for the licensing of bookmakers.

"123. Petition of Horace Ward and 350 others. Same as foregoing."

—Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!

* * * * *


At the 3rd Sydney v. N.Z. 'Varsity Test:

1st Fair Football Fan to 2nd ditto; I'Ve never seen Soccer played, have you?

2nd F.F.F. to 1st: Soccer? Who's he? he doesn't play for 'Varsity, does he?

At the Town Hall, Capping Day:

Small boy to his mother: Mum, why doesn't Papa have a red shirt like that man up on the stage?

Mother: Ssh! dearie, don't talk like that! People will think your Pa is a

Socialist too.

On the night of the Conversazione:

His Excellency V-sc-nt J-ll-coe of Sc-pa O.M. etc. (entering his car near the Gym); So that's where they have those wretched debates, is it?

Her Excellency etc. (sweeping out of biology lab.); Oh, what a disgusting place!

* * * * *

Modern History.

1st Student See that C. is speaking on Sir John Nicholson.

2nd Student: Who's he, anyhow?

1st Student: Chap who defended Cawnpore.

2nd Student: Oh, another of those blinkin' lawyers!