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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

The Physics Prof.—an Appreciation

The Physics Prof.—an Appreciation.

And so he is to leave us! It is most certainly with feelings of regret that we hear that Professor Marsden is to resign his position as our Physics Professor, and go over to the Government as Assistant Director of Education. In the years we have worked under him. we have always felt that we have had a scientific enthusiast to guide us—a man, who, from the start, inspired confidence in us. His breezy manner and ready wit made it practically impossible to sleep through lectures, so that we could enjoy them to the full. In practical work, he was always there to keep us up to the mark and help us to get an occasional decent result. Once a man showed himself to be enthusiastic, he had the Prof, on his side. The loss of our Chief will be one of our misfortunes, but it is indeed a happy day for the Department of Education. The Prof, is still young, and we sincerely hope he will continue to climb higher and higher in the educational world.

However, if his sentiments towards us are those of one of the patriotic songs so loudly sung at the beginning of the late war, if he can sing with it—

"Oh! I don't want to leave you
But I think I ought to go";

we will be satisfied. We don't want to lose him; but no doubt he will keep a friendly eye on us from his stool in the Government Buildings, and when he gets the chance, wring a few thousand of the best out of his Department and give it us to buy scientific apparatus. That would be a splendid parting gift to us. (Take note Prof.)

It is perhaps a little early to say good-bye just yet, so let us conclude by congratulating Professor Marsden most heartily on his appointment to so important a position in the Dominion, and say, one and all. that the Government have done us out of a good man.

P. S.