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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

Overheard at the Conversazione

Overheard at the Conversazione.

Visitor from Konini: "What's this sonny?"

Sonny: "This is a model of Mangahao, illustrating, etc."

Visitor: "Good Lord! My Mangahao, how mangled."

First working man to pal: "What's this 'ere, Bill?"

Bill, reading from the programme: "Wireless hexhibit."

First working man: "These 'ere 'Varsity coves Is smart, aint they! I c'n see the bloomin' wires with me own heyes."

First girl to second girl, coming out of spectroscopy room:

"Well! I can't understand what he said, can you Vera?"

Second girl to first girl: "Oh no! But didn't Edward Henry look sweet with all those lovely lights shining on him. And he spoke his piece so nicely, too!"