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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

(2) Secretary of the Students' Association

(2) Secretary of the Students' Association.

We met with a bump, but luckily I'm a footballer and escaped serious damage. It was on the Gym. pathway; the Great Man was in a violent hurry. But when I asked him if he could spare a moment, he said, "Oh, yes! I'm only training," and informed me that he hoped some day to be a great cross-country runner, and ran everywhere on principle. I murmured something about more worlds to conquer, and those who fought and ran away; but the G.M. had got his wind back, and I bowed before the storm.

"Yes, running grows upon one. When I was a child, I used to run wild. Now I run up against the Prof. Board, I run away from Garrow's class-tests, I run after the girls, I run short of cash and page 26 into debt, I run amuck at Stud. Ass. meetings, but I can't run a Capping Procession. However, I might learn to later on.

"If the authorities had known a good man when they saw one, they would have trained me with Tracy and Skipper R. for the Irish Olympiad. They should have seen at once that I could run the whole bally show. As it is I have to confine my energies to Executive meetings.. When there's any chance of talking there, my mathematical formula especially V, is equal to anything, for no one else has a hope of having a mathematical formula

"For example, there's 'The Spike'—has the impudence to let other people talk, and to publish it without my saying whether I agree with it. Naturally I sat on the Editor—until I found he was a member of the Executive and could vote against me.

"Again there was the trouble about the Capping Procession. Why on earth the Prof. Board should want to do anything, I don't know. Can't I do everything for them? Can't I talk to and at and about everybody as well as they can? As a matter of fact I'm even better at that than I am at running. That's why they elected me to the Exec."

It was about here that my third fountain pen ran dry. I struggled—but vainly—against the swirling torrent of words, and woke up three hours later in the gorse bushes beside the path.