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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

(To the Editor.)

(To the Editor.)


I have to thank Mr. H. D. Skinner and yourself for the opportunity of commenting on the above notes and Mr. Skinner's letter.

The duty of conveying the Graduates' Association's decision to Miss Davies was left in my hands; and the fact that no intimation other than the telegram was sent was entirely due to my omission. I am glad of this opportunity of expressing my sincere regret for the apparent discourtesy of such an omission.

The question of altering the constitution of the Graduates' Association so far as to enable it to include all ex-students was considered by the Executive who decided against it. It was later considered by the Annual Meeting. There was, unfortunately, a very small attendance and the proposal was again negatived. from the discussion it appeared that the majority of graduates present thought such an extension of membership would tend to weaken the influence of the Association. They thought the sounder plan was to increase its membership on the existing basis.

Personally I am Strongly in favour of the Otago proposals and agree with Mr. Skinner in thinking that some of the best and ablest of our students are among the non-graduates. I think also that such an alteration as suggested would cause past students to take a more active and energetic part in College affairs.

I regret, however, that Mr. Skinner has failed to acknowledge that the Graduates Association—although not as enthusiastic or active as he could wish—has still done something to assist the College. The War Memorial Window is largely due to its action. The farewell presentation to Mr. Aitken was an indication of its efforts to help in College affairs. It has in hand the preparation of such a list of students as Mr. Skinner suggests. It is in touch with the Students' Association in connection with various College affairs, and it has little doubt that it will he able to assist in the foundation of a College Hostel within a reasonable time. Mr. Skinner seems to me to have measured it by its shortcomings rather than its achievements.

But when this has been said a great deal of Mr. Skinner's criticism is too true to be pleasant. We need more members, more energy and more enthusiasm. We want to see more of the new graduates seeking to serve the College. I hope that Mr. Skinner's letter will inspire not only the non-graduates but also the graduates to a sense of their obligations and opportunities: and that both bodies (if they do not unite), will work together or the welfare and advancement of Victoria College,

Arthur Fair, President, V.U.C.G.A.