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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, September, 1922

[Report from the Association of Past Students of Victoria University College Resident in Otago]

Early in the year G.W. Reid, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, University of Otago, received a letter from the Victoria University College Graduates' Association, Wellington, asking him to act as the representative of the Association in the Otago District, in connection with a movement for keeping ex-students of the college in closer touch with the affairs of the college .he accordingly circularised those past students whose addresses were known. As a result a meeting was held at his house on the evening of Saturday, April 8th, when the following were present: 1905, Naomi Dallaston; 1906, G. W. Reid, C. Taia Reid, Eva Skinner, H. D. Skinner; 1907, H. L. Cook, G. M. Cleghorn; 1908, Edith Davies; 1909, Ida Cleghorn; 1911, H. S. Tiley; 1912, F. Robertson; 1915, J. H. Beaumont, D. Bruce, E. Butler; 1916, R. Gardner, W. F. Shirer; 1917, Dorothy Maclean; 1919, N. M. Matheson, E. Sapsford, J. S. Hornblow; 1920, D. M. Frengley, E. L. Button, L. Randall, W. R. Edge; 1921, Maureen Frengley, L. A. Riddell. G.W Reid was voted to the hair H. D. Skinner spoke of the need of forming an association of alt past students of V.U.C. Membership of the Graduates' Association was necessarily so limited that year by year this Association tended to become less representative. It was an excellent thing for any university that the past students should take an active interest in their Alma Mater. There were two chief methods of keeping in touch: (1) by gatherings such as these; (2) through the columns o" "The spike" If we ever hoped to have an association of all past students the first essential would he that a card index he kept of every V.U.C. ex-student. Such an association as was contemplated, might by the nucleus of a wide-spread association, members of which could he kept in touch with each other and with College affairs mainly through the columns of "The Spike."Hence past students should certainly give "The Spike" their support, and every centre should have a secretary whose duty it would be to give detailed information about students in his district. It was also to be hoped that some scheme might he evolved whereby Founders Day, August 27th, might he fittingly observed. After lengthy discussion in which some divergence of opinion on matters of detail was apparent, F. Robertson moved: "That this meeting is strongly of the opinion that the V.U.C. Graduates' Association should en-large its constitution to include all past students, as the best means of forwarding the interests of V.U.C."The motion was circulated and signed by all present except one, and Miss E. Davies was empowered when in Wellington to get in touch with the Graduates' Association, and to submit to them the signed resolution. The re-solution was submitted to the president of the V.U.C. Graduates-Association, who promised to bring it before the annual meeting of that body on June 2nd. A reply was anxiously awaited but was not received. Two letters were therefore sent reminding the Association, and finally, on July 29th, the following telegram was re page 16 ceived: "Sorry delay replying. Association declines sanction inclusion of ex-students. Suggests formation separately. Writing. A. Fair "The telegram was communicated to the meeting held that evening, but owing to the indefinite nature of the message discussion was held over until August 19th, pending the arrival of the promised letter. The lateness in the session prevented further delay, and the meeting was accordingly held on that date, the secretary announcing that no letter had been received (nor has one been received up to the date of writing, September 13th). It was now evident that although the Graduates' Association had requested us to initiate the movement in our district, we could get neither assistance nor criticism from them. An Association of Past Students of Victoria University College Resident in Otago was therefore formed, and a constitution adopted in which the aims of the Association were specified as follows:—
1.The advancement of Victoria University College.
2.To provide means of bringing together past students of Victoria University College resident in Otago.
3.To make use of "The Spike" in recording the movements and achievements of past students, and in otherwise furthering the objects of the Association.
4.To promote the formation of a general association of past Victoria University College students.

The following officers were elected: President, G. W. Reid; Vice-President, E. R. Davies; Secretary and Treasurer, H. S. Tiley. Committee: H. D. Skinner and R. Gardner.

All the meetings of the Association have been held at Mr. G. W. Reid's house, and to him and Mrs. Reid the sincere thanks of the Association are due.