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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1922

I am Christopher Columbus

I am Christopher Columbus.

I am Christopher Columbus,
At my dial all the dumb cuss,
And old ladies raise their hands in frenzied horror.
I am great and I am mighty
With the girls a trifle flighty,
But they all think me IT. They do; by gorra!!

I'm his D.A.D.M. Esses.
My pills and potions man oppresses—
Excuse the grammar—I'm a dasher full of promise.
And if men are ever seedy,
Result of beer or being greedy,
My number nine restores 'em—Hell and Thomas

I am Stuff the Quartermaster,
Of the togs, a sort of pastor.
If the camp you enter clean or muddy—Well,
I just fits you with a tunic,
Boots, shirts and sockses, new knit,
Then tells you to make tracks for——!

page 10
Stoush (who is usually on the look out for lash) Mr. A. J. Mazengarb
Lash (who is always the bit of stuff for stoush) Mr. Claude Moss
Saccharine (daughter to John Barrel) Miss Florence Churchill
Outed (a gentleman of fortune) Mr. J. B. Yaldwyn
Christopher Columbus (a Spanish-American sea captain) Mr. B. W. Egley
Pills (D.A.D.M.S. to Columbus) Mr. A. W. Free
Stuff (Q.M.S. to Columbus) Mr. A. D. Mcrae
Shrewd (a far sighted patriot) Mr. J. Meltzer
John Barrel (Landlord of "Ye Flowing Bowl" Mr. Wynne Watkins
Matilda (wife to John Barrel) Miss M. G. Willcocks
Amontillado (wife to Columbus) Miss E. Christie
Dearfood, Last of the Provisions (an Indian Maiden) Miss Myrtle Pigou

Villagers, Soldiers, Tipstaves, Indians and Outatheels.