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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review September 1921

Rifle Club

Rifle Club

Rifle shooting, the best and most universal sport throughout the British Empire, has hitherto been unrepresented in the sport life at Victoria University College, but this sad oversight has now been remedied by the formation of "The V.U.C, Rifle Club."

The Club Committee has been working strenuously for several months and has gone into the "whys and wherefores" of a Rifle Club at V.U.C., coming to the' conclusion that the only practicable way is to have the Club formed under the Defence Regulations; a rifle club so formed is under no disabilities, while on the other hand there are many advantages to be gained, for instance, any active member of a rifle club formed under the Defence may purchase a service rifle from the Department for El, ammunition is retailed at 5s. per 100 rounds (6d. per packet), free passes are given on the railway to shoot at Trentham, and the range and targets at Trentham are lent free of charge. All these concessions would be lost were the Club not a Defence Rifle Club and the expense of having a "shoot" would be such as would make the running of the Club impossible, but with all these things "given in" membership of the Club and participation in the meetings held is within easy reach of all. There is yet another bright aspect for it has been rumoured that all afternoons spent in shooting will be counted a half-day parades.

The Rifle Club is fortunate in having as its Leading lights several experienced rifle shots; Mr. V. H. Ross, the President, son of Mr. J. H. Ross the well-known shot who for three consecutive years won the Carbine Championship of New Zealand; Mr. Ross was away on active service for four years, the greater part of which time he was a sniper in France. Since his return Mr. Ross has won several matches and was fifth on the list for the New Zealand Service Championship fired at Trentham. His wide experience in shooting under all conditions will be invaluable to the Club. Mr. W. J. Haase, Deputy President, a champion miniature rifle shot and winner of several matches at Trentham is also a valuable asset.

The Club will be in good working order by the commencement of the shooting season in October next and all students who can hold a rifle (straight) are exhorted to join and demonstrate their prowess. The attractions offered by the Club are numerous, and besides our own Club matches there are any amount of outside meetings which can be attended. The outside competitions, together with the trophies which are usually offered will all help to make the sport of shooting more interesting and popular.

The general object of the Club is to encourage rifle shooting in the College, and thereby unearth the good shots in which Victoria University College is known. to abound; we all look forward and hope to see a team from the College go out to Trentham at the next meeting in March and clean up everything. Last, but not least, we must mention the Haslam Shield. Although it is not the sole object of the Club to bring this shield back to its rightful home, yet the Club will not consider itself to have justified its existence until the shield is reposing safely under the protection of the Green and Gold.