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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

7. Love Duet

7. Love Duet.

Eastern skies are pale before
The lustre of your eyes;
No sweet dream from Day's Bay sho
May pacify my sighs.
Sweetest flower of all the world
Come nestle on my bosom.
Dew drenched rose with petals furle
The earth's one perfect blossom.

Kewei Fei:
Let us stand beneath
The wan westering morn,
Till in darkness death
Brings the day too soon.

Alone with thee,
Alone with thee.

Kewl and Tuan.
Eastern stars are dim before
The splendor of our love.
No dark dream from Lethe's shore
May cloud our sky above.


Eastern stars are dim

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Before our love's splendor.


Before our love's splendor.

Kewei and Tuan:

Lost to all but thee.


Ah!——(To end.)

Final Chorus (Abey.)