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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

5. Duet: Holmes and Conan Doyle. — When Wild Spooks Come to Blows

5. Duet: Holmes and Conan Doyle.

When Wild Spooks Come to Blows.

The further that I go with you
The more I do dislike you.
I think we ought to go and give it best;
Y'ou think that everything is true,
Oh, dear, how very like you!
When I went to bed at night I could'-n't rest;
So my blood begins to boil.
And I tell you straight, friend Doyle
That your beauty I will spoil,
By jove I will!
When my brain is all on fire,
Then my thoughts are. dark and dire;
If you're cute you'll send a wire,
I'm out to kill.
Have a care. C. Doyle, have a care,
I'm not afraid of spooks.

Steady there, steady there,
S. Holmes. I'll tell the lukes."
With ray medium,
Who's a regular Turk,
She's a devil for a fight,
She will make things hum;

There'll be dirty work
At the cross roads to-night.

In questions of intelligence
I laugh at your deductions.

That's mighty cheek from you, upon my word!
And as for finding where or whence
To carry out instructions,
Your actions are, to say the least, absurd.

You remind me of a pet
I once bad, a marmoset.
I can almost see it yet.
When youre in view.

Well, there's nothing odd in that.
Why, I've seen a sewer rat
Who, suppose he'd worn a hat,
Looked just like you!


Have a care, C. Doyle, Have a care

C.D. (repeat)

Both (repeat)