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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

3. Solo, — Itch:

3. Solo,


The one who would rule in the Bolshevik school
Said I was the fool of the village,
For come there what may, I guess I've my say
When it comes to dividing the pillage.
If I think the moon cheese I believe what I please,
I suppose you can't seize on the reason.
For the mystery is one I will tell to my son,
When my son is the star of the season.

page 18

Yes, the silly poor mutt has gone clean off his nutt.
When he thinks him the star of the season.

Oh! they say I am mad, which is all very sad,
If it chanced not to be so amusing.
Yes, they think one so gassey, should be Honourable Massey,
And say I'm so classy—refusing.
See there peace in the sky as you'll see by and bye,
And you wonder my words did not trouble you;
You'll be sorry one night, when you find that your plight
Is that society, I.W.W.

Well, its rather a dream to see ships in the stream
That are manned by the I.W.W.


(Margot sings.)
I am a much maligned maiden fair.
And this last insult is all I can bear,
For I've a sensitive heart.

Literary longings I've always had,
But my intentions were never bad,
For I've a sensitive heart.
But when a publishing firm I knew,
Offered a ceol ten thousand to Conceal my sensitive heart,
What could I think, and what you do?
If a respectable firm you knew
An offer did impart?

So a few stories I revealed,
(Things that had better lain concealed Of my sensitive heart.
Gladstone and Goblets and gamblit came in,
And something else that resembled To a sensitive heart.
But it was a success you know,
All of my friends have assured me Bless their sensitive hearts.
And the young royalties rolling in,
And as for critics, oh, what din
To a sensitive heart.
So off, to Russia, at last I've rushed
And I'm not lightly aside to brushed,
For all my sensitive heart.
More material here I seek
For a news column in "Once a week
Run by a sensitive heart.