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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

2. Solo:

2. Solo:

See our sabres drawn and ever fiercely gleaming,
See each regimental flag unfurled;
Brothers come and quit your fruitless dreaming,
Come with me, come with me to conquer all the world.
Down your needles, drop your foolish knitting,
Come with me where man's work waits to do.
Pouches and pistols,
These are more fitting,

Hear your country calling loud to you.
Seize your rifles,
And on to battle,
Where the stabbing shots the gloaming tear;
Hear the limbered batteries crack and rattle,
While the sweating drivers shout and swear.
Come then with me, come then with me—Ah!

Southward we'll march to conquer.
South to the sea,
South to the sea,
With all of our trampling armies,
Southwards, who'll march with me.
Though many fall and die,
South to the sea,
Though many fall and die.

(Chorus repeat.)

Where the bayonets fixed in scattered rows are shining,
And the batteries dug and hidden deep,
Where the troops upon the firestep lining,
Pray for guns, pray for guns, their weakening front to sweep;
Where the endless column marching. Seeming
From the dusk to dawning of the day, Crackling of rifles,
Starshells are gleaming,
Wounded scattered lying by the way.
Hear the aeroplanes
With roar arising,
Hovering on high above the way;
See the bold Cossacks danger despising,
Rushing foremost to the fray. (Chorus.)