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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters.

Carl Marx (editor of the "Maoriland Shiker") C. Gamble

"What have you gained by the strike you follow?
What do you mean by the song you sing?
What will you do when the supper is gone?"

—Mr. F. K. Hunt. S.M.

Mannix (of the Bureau of Free Love) V. Ross

"As I was coming from St. Ives,
I met a man with seven wives."

—Nursery rhyme.

Itch (the village idiot) W. Pringle

"Thou wilt play thy part full well brother."


Szczopenowska(agent for Fluenzol) N. Whiteman

"Oh. what a fall there was my country-men,
When you and I and all of us fell down and bloody tyranny
Flourished over us."

—H. Mackenzie.

Craig Kennedy (a scientific detective) C. Moss

"There is a conspiracy of silence against me."

—T. A. Hunter

Miss Trotsky (a Bolshevixen) Miss M. Milesi

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night."

—Wm. Blake,

Margot Asquith (a woman of no importance). E. K. Rishworth

"His beauty smoothed earth's furrowed face,
He gave me tokens three:—
A look, a touch of his winsome mouth
And a wild raspberry."
—Francis Thompson (with variations!)

Vyrn Evans (an English gentleman) S. C. W. Watkins

"Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold,
And mute of the Nancy brig."
—Composed by E. Evans personally

Harcus Plimmer (of Plimmer's steps, pressman) W. A. Sheat

And if my pen will bring me pelf
Damned if I don't turn Socialist myself."

—B. Murphy

Siberian Sam C. G. Kirk