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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

1. Opening Chorus

page 8

1. Opening Chorus.

Far away across the sea
There's a university;
There they work incessantly.
Once a year on capping day,
Duly all respects they pay
To those who are of high degree.

Degrees, the cause of all their nightly toiling,
"Degrees, the cause of all complexions spoiling;
All their striving,
All their diving,
Into mouldy lectures;
Caused by men
Who now and then
Have hopes to hold prefectures.

Degrees, a tale of lecturers and Profs., too,
Whose ears hold fleas!
Tally ho!
Here we go
On the yearly chase
For B.A.'s
Each one prays,
While we make the pace.
Swotting hard
(Swearing barred),
Each to keep his place—
That's how it feels to want degrees.