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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review Capping Carnival 1921

The Graduates of the year

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The Graduates of the year

Honours in Arts and M.A.

Allan, John M.A. and First Class Honours in Philosophy.

Johnstone, Dora A. M.A. and Second Class Honours in Botany.

Mackenzie, Jean H. M.A. and Second Class Honours in Botany.

Paisley, Albert M.A. and First Class Honours in Economics.

"Oh World, thou choosest not the better path;
It is not wisdom to be only wise."

—G. Santayana.

Honours in Law and LL.M.

Broad, Phillip B. LL.M. and Second Claas Honours in Jurisprudence, Real Property, and Trusts.

Wiren, Sidney A. LL.M. and First Class Honours in International Law, Companies, Contracts, and Torts.

"I was called to the Bar but I suppose I never
heard the call. I didn't always listen."

—Max Beerbohm.

Honours in Science and M.Sc.

Fenton, Ethel W. J. M.Sc. and Second Class Honours in Electricity and Magnetism.

Glendinning, Tom A. M.Sc. and Second Class Honours in Chemistry.

Whitebouse, Thomas K. R. M.Sc. and Second Class Honours in Chemistry.

"There are more smells in heaven and earth
than you have in your building, Horatio."

—Hy. D. Rogen.

Matter of Law.

Byrne, Joseph.

"Them loryers wot know too much of lor 'as
no brains, and 'ow can they I That's wot I ses."

—Barry Pain.

Master of Science.

  • Bastings, Lyndon.
  • Brodie, John E.

"Silent upon a peak in Darien."


Master of Arts.

  • Cumming, Clyde M.
  • Espiner, Eileen.
  • Isaac, Hubert P.
  • Irvine-Smith, Fanny Louise.
  • Moncrieff, Agnes M.
  • Myers, Margery.
  • Roy, Rubina A.
  • Stevens, William H.

"Why should we toil and strive,
We, the roof and crown of things."


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Honours in Commerce and M. Com.

Neale, Edward P., M. Com. and First Class Honours in Economics

"From hope and cue set free
I thank with brief thanksgiving
Whatever gods there be!"

—A. C. Swinburne,

Bachelors of Laws.

  • Anderson, Henry A.
  • Bate, Walter E.
  • Brodie, Henry G.
  • Buxton, Allan B.
  • Charles, Leonard A.
  • Cleary, Timothy P.
  • Dodd, John H.
  • Gillon, Reginald E.
  • Henderson, Kenneth A.
  • Hendry, Colin A.
  • Hill. Claude C.
  • Kitching, William D. P.
  • Leicester, Wilfrid E.
  • Perry, David
  • Randell. William
  • Seddon, George H.
  • Smyth, Areita I.
  • Thomson, Trevor C.

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears,
I come to plead, "A rose by any other name
Would smell as sweet!" and not to urge you
Once more unto the breach of trustees' diligence."

—O.Y.M.I. Garrow.

Bachelors of Science.

  • Cullen, Alfred.
  • Day, Leslie I.
  • Griffin, Kenneth. M.
  • Wilson, Joyce H.

"Suppose a clod of earth should rise
And walk about and breathe and speak and love:
How we would tremble and in what surprise
Gasp, "Can you move!"

—Harold Munro.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Aitken, George G.
  • Andrew, Edith T.
  • Beard, Thomas E.
  • Carroll, Kathleen A.
  • Chapple, Leonard J. B.
  • Cousins, Eric G.
  • Espiner, Eric W. A.
  • Espiner, Robert H.
  • Godfrey, Irene I.
  • Gordon, Norah A.
  • Harding Winifred M. E.
  • Heffer, Dorothy G.
  • Horsley, Hilda R.
  • Hudson, Edward V.
  • Jones, Sydney J.
  • Joyce, Mary E.
  • Keeble, Lily R.
  • King, Geoffry J.
  • Latter, Mary J. B.
  • Martin, Annie, McW.
  • Nicol, John
  • Price, Cyril J. R.
  • Roughton, Myra W.
  • Troup, Gordon S.
  • Wallach, Ida W.
  • Weitzel, Hedwig
  • Wood, George E. F.

"For what are singing and love and wine
To the dreams that we are true."

—A. Jackson.

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GRAND OPERA HOUSE Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, May 14th, 16th and 17th, 1921. "DONE TO DEATH."