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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October, 1920

Basketball Match

Basketball Match

The members of the local club are to be heartily congratulated on this innovation in the Tournament. It is undoubtedly the first step that is the hardest in such matters, and a club which takes the responsibility of arranging an inter-college match finds its path beset with difficulties. At least, we did. It had to be ascertained if other colleges ever played, if they were keen enough to send a team—all by means of a fitful correspondence. We were working in the dark, with small ray of faith. Everything was so uncertain that it was really a great surprise when a team did turn up. And now we are full of hope. A match has actually been played, and even a trophy is "floating in the air." But what is more, we have found that the three other colleges contain women students who are keen on increasing women's contests at tournaments. "Why," they say, "should our College send four women and about thirty men?" We heartily agree that it points to something "rotten in the State." With the beginning of one basketball match will come page 24 other things too interesting to be overlooked by Tournament delegates—in fact, managed by a women Tournament Committee. The match this year held on Kelburn Park on the Monday afternoon (an unfortunate time as it was just at the end of the athletic competition) was of course a friendly one. However, it was enough to show that the Auckland team was the better. Their quick and accurate passing was a feature, and undoubtedly they showed the results of a much longer training at College or elsewhere. The local girls were rather too rough in their defence, and would soon find themselves liable to penalties. The visiting team had a decided advantage in height, which was a pity, as it gave some of our best players no opportunity. The resulting score was Auckland 6, Wellington 0. The low score was due to the gale which was blowing at the time. After the game tea was given to the visitors in the Gym—a rather hurried tea, as there was a rush for the boat for the picnic. It would certainly be advisable for the local club to put in much more practice at the game if they are to be successful at Christchurch next year with four teams competing. If the Students' Association could see its way to award blazers to the club, this would be an incentive to players. However, the club is new, and the game is new, and prejudice is as old as old. But a word — Romantic old Dunedin gives basketball blazers, while Bustling Wellington don't.