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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October, 1920



"With all my heartstrings I love
The lovely bully."

— "Henry V."

Men playing hockey

The Hockey Club is to be congratulated on the numerically successful opening of the season. Three teams—one Senior and two Junior—were entered for the various competitions. The Senior team, however, cannot justifiably be overwhelmed with congratulations; nevertheless the material for n winning team next season has gone through the moulding stage, and we feel—

"It is not dead. It only sleeps,
'Twill wake again to-morrow."

One pleasing feature of the season has been that despite the loss of several students during the vacation the Senior team has carried on each Saturday with full ranks without having to call on the Juniors. This has been effected by means of being able to call on two old student players, Gaze and Seddon.

page 65

Summary of Matches.

v. Karori; won 4-2. Karori, who were the runners-up in 1919, got the first goal, but we evened up before half-time. Condition told in the second spell. Whitehead, Cousins, Marine and Kirk scored.

v. Old Students; won 5-2. This match was played on Kelburn Pork, where the grass was long and the going heavy. Gaze turned out for Present Students and proved a thorn in the attacks of Con Strack, Dave Smith and Hogg. Beere and Eichelbaum were full of vim and everyone got bruises; in fact, quite a nice friendly game. Whitehead 2, Stainton 2, Seddon 1, were the offenders.

v. Wakatu; lost 1-3. Feeling effects of Old Students' match. Forwards lacked cohesion. Opposing forwards too fleet. Whitehead, Gaze and Castle played well. Cousins broke our duck.

v. Ramblers; lost 7-2. The "Post" called it a plucky fight. Another case of fast forwards breaking clear through our defence and scoring. Forwards showed more combination, and at the commencement of the second spell made a deliberate effort to equalise matters. Halves Kean and Whitehead shot both goals. Inclined to think the better team won.

v. Central; lost 6-2. Play was scrappy. Individual work was good, but wings failed to centre. Too much tapping and not enough wood. Seddon stopped Kean's best hit of the season. Grant in goal was kept quite warm. Gaze at full-back played a rattling game. Cousins and Kirk netted for us.

v. Wellington; lost 2-1. Team played with better combination and plenty of vim. We gave our opponents a surprise and were unfortunate not to get a win. Cousins side-stepping at left-wing was u treat to watch. Stainton scored our orphan.

v. United; lost 2-0. We missed Castle. Ground very muddy, and in consequence there was much hard work with very little result. Whitehead secured a black eye. Shooting poor; Grant saved well.

v. Hutt Valley; lost 4-2. Whitehead played inside-left and improved forward line but seriously weakened our backs. Rain came on and made the ground very slippery. Whitehead and Cousins were the scorers.

v. St. Augustine; lost 4-2. Thought we were going to win this time. Whitehead absent. Forwards passed well but missed many chances in the circle. Both Cousins found the net.

v. Huia; won 4-2. Put up a lead of 2 to nil in the first spell. Forwards then rested on their glory and Huia kept our backs busy, but we awakened again. Grant in goal complained of the cold. Shooting improved.

v. Karori; lost 5-2. We led at end of first spell by 2 to 1. Castle and Cousins notched ourpoints. In the second spell they romped down our right side and gained the victory.

We finished the season with the wooden spoon; however, we still philosophically sip our pints, smoke our pipes, and moralise. We have played the game and played it cleanly, and our opponents never had an easy time.

v. A.U.C. Played on Victoria Park in sloppy conditions. A fast and well-fought game, in which Auckland showed to advantage, securing the victory by 3 goals to 1. Wilson, Whitehead and Burton played brilliant hoekey.

Women's Hockey Club

Our club this year has greatly decreased in numbers owing to the formation of a separate Training College club, but, although only fourteen in number, all members are keen players and have willingly given up their Saturday afternoons in the interests of the Club.

Karori is the centre of our sport, and almost every Saturday afternoon we have had a full team to represent us on the field—a severe test of the keenness of members.

We played one match this year at Hutt Park, and this created an amusing variation from Karori, but we should not have expected Karori conditions everywhere, and we have at least learned the lesson that it does not pay to wait for a 'bus which does not run.

The team has played some very good games this season, and managed to secure the Runners-Up Cup, being beaten for the Championship only by page 66 Ramblers A, who, for several years now have held the honour of being the best ladies' team in the field.

Three of our members, Misses Myers, Riekard, and Lithgow were asked to represent Wellington at the tournament held this year at Gisborne, but the last two only were able to go, and we can safely say they played for Wellington as they have always played for Victoria College.

At the end of the second term we held a small but very successful flower sale, to help to raise the £100 which was required to send the team to Gisborne.

We hope that the Club next year will be much bigger, and we should like to see V.C. defeating Ramblers and holding the Championship shield.

Our heartiest thanks are due to all those from whom we received such generous donations.