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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October, 1920

Capping Ball

Capping Ball

The Bull was held it; the Town Hall on a brilliant evening. The hall was brightly decorated and a gay and festive throng strove to keep time to a one-step (which some of them sometimes confused with a fox-trot) whenever their lengthy stay at supper would permit them. Altogether a successful evening—successful financially also, as someone was hoard to remark, with an accent of surprise. Extravaganza over, the dancers suffered not from stage fright, as in the preceding year, nor did the strains of Good-bye" according to Tosti provoke pictures of St. Thomas Aquinas and the sordid stake. The alcoves were crowded with intellectual eminences, and the Town Hall had never held so many brilliant people since Mr. Oakley Browne's summer campaign. Do congratulate all concerned with the arrangements, which were a decided advance on 1919, and hope they may officiate again.

Wanted to Sell, full-size extension Dining-room Table and Perambulator.—"Evening Post." An original combination of two necessary evils.