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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review War Memorial Number


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In compiling the information for this War Memorial number of "The Spike," the Editorial Committee has been faced with the difficulty inherent to all such compilations, namely, the widely-scattered and in some instances insufficient sources of the information available. Every possible care has been exercised that no names may be omitted from the lists, and that all details should be correct; and in this connection the Committee withes to express its sincere thanks to the officials of the Defence Department, who have courteously placed all the available data at its disposal. However, with every precaution of check and counter-check, the Committee fears that some names may have been omitted from the lists.

Again, with regard to the notes on the men who have fallen, every endeavour has been used to make these as complete as possible. Where records have not been available, next-of-kin and intimate friends of the dead have been written to, and to them the Committee's thanks are due for their kindness in furnishing the required details. In some cases, however, in spite of all efforts, either because no next-of-kin or friends were traceable or no answers were received to enquiries, it has been impossible to supply any details.

Furthermore, in all cases, exigencies of space have compelled the Committee reluctantly to limit the notes to the merest skeleton, in no way commensurate with the deserving of the men whom they describe.

To all concerned, both to those men, or their next-of-kin, whose names have been omitted and to those of whose services no details are given, the Committee, on behalf of their old College, offers, together with its sincere regrets for the omissions, the assurance that their services in their country's cause, and the honour they have brought on their College by those services, are none the less appreciated and held in sacred reverence.

August, 1920.

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