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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1919

Our Educational System

Our Educational System

Under the above title Mr. F. A. de la Mare (alias "the Frog") has published a series of articles in the "Waikato Times," and has now reprinted them in pamphlet form.

The articles, while not enunciating or even claiming to enunciate any particularly original ideas or ideals, nevertheless contain not. only thoughtful and vigorous criticism of many of the faults of our present system of education, but also an earnest appeal to the democracy to place a higher value on education. Emphasis is laid—and it cannot be too often laid—on the fact that without knowledge, and without intellect trained to make the best use of knowledge, man cannot attain the best in life.

The dangers besetting our present system are also plainly indicated by the author of these articles—the danger of the sectarian and class schools, the danger of the over-stressing the purely utilitarian type of education, and perhaps greatest of all, the danger from the persistent parsimony (occasionally relieved by useless extravagances on the fads of some zealot) with which the politicians have hitherto treated education.

The articles are well worth the perusal of all interested in the future of New Zealand, and the author is to be congratulated on his efforts to focus attention on this all-important subject. It is indeed unfortunate that so few of our old students have actively interested themselves in public questions as "Froggy" has done.