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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, October 1918

Answers to Correspondents

page 68

Answers to Correspondents

sketch of academics standing in a row

Miss B-k-r; We have read your touching little "Lament." We share your regret for those lost medial consonants. If the truth were known, a phonetic more or less . . .

Gl-nd-n-ng: We appreciate your position. Library cards are an insupportable encumbrance, and we can assure you that your general appearance is not that of an infant. For further information re The Reverend Gentleman we would refer you to Mr. Brook.

J-n p-rk: we are glad you rose to a point of order. Certainly, under the circumstances it was right to limit the members to be embraced by the Women's Club.

Mr. Th-mps-n: We are sorry that the Council has been unable to meet your needs re seating accommodation; but we notice that you have not yet attempted to balance yourself on the railing. After all, you know, there is the final resource of the peripatetic.

W. E. L-c-st-r: We cannot but admire the way you are attacking the subject. By means of pen ad tongue you have never ceased to air your views. Your theories no doubt are all that should be. It but remains for you to put them into practice.

E. Ev-ng: Your resignation came as a pleasant surprise. But really, P. & G.'s caustic remarks on the age of certain students should not be taken so seriously.

S. A. W-r-n: We have gone into the matter pretty thoroughly; but are forced to admit that you are wrong. Even in the Biblical days there was a law to the effect "that a man may not marry his son." Under special circumstances, however, he is allowed to marry his daughter—to another chap.

J. H. Sh-t: So our lady judge referred to you as "a sprot"? perhaps it was owing to the big dividend you drew at the debate. Don't let it alarm you unnecessarily, however. She might easily have taken greater risks.

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