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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, October 1918



"This is no world
To play with mammets and to tilt with lips.
We must have bloody noses and cracked crowns."


man wearing boxing gloves

Since the last doings of the club were chronicled in the "Spike," the activities of our various members have been somewhat vague and varied. The usual phlegmatic and punctilious progressiveness of the club has of late been rather intermittent. Occasional zeal in the way of the bouts, spares, and three-minute rounds at odd hours and places goes well to show that we still have a few enthusiasts for the noblest of all pastimes. Although the Gymnasium has been the witness of a few (too few) battles royal this season, regret must be, and is acutely, felt that the usual deterioration in the gloves is due largely to other causes than hardened profiles, although, hist! it is rumoured that fresh blood was but lately discovered on a badly misused glove. (This has been subsequently proved by a microscopical examination of the blood corpuscles in the lab.) so much for the actual activities of members.

The annual general meeting, held amidst uproar and applause, was a great success, and succeeded in installing several new members amongst the venerated ranks of Victoria's pugilists. If the enthusiasm shown by these new members is any criterion as to the subsequent doing of the club it bodes well for the successful career of the Boxing Club this season. Of that we shall see anon, as subsequent events will undoubtedly prove.

However, regret must be expressed by the executive that, owing to the continuance of the War, it has not been possible to carry on the activities of the club as energetically as could be desired. A strong appeal is made to present students to increase the membership of the club. Indeed, the executive feels sure that if members will make a determined effort, many new names could be added to the membership roll, and the club strengthened both financially and numerically, and the good work done by the Boxing Club considerably increased.