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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, October 1918

Olla Podrida

Olla Podrida

"Don't worry—get a North British Hot Water Bottle and sleep the sleep of angular tins at 1/6 and 3/-."—"Taranaki Daily."

It pays to advertise!

"Wanted by soldier's wife, position as general." "Post."

She evidently wants the upper hand!

"Captain T. E. Y. Seddon has commenced a speaking tour of the shipyards."—" Dominion."

And the sails puffed 'neath the blast!

"Wanted, a cook-general, no upstairs work. Apply Hill Street."—" Post."

The situation still sounds somewhat hilly.

"Lost-a lamb branded like u upside down."—" Poverty Bay Herald."

Surely the eve-lamb!!

"For Sale:—Piano, suitable for Bach. Price£5."—" Post."

Evidently a bargain!

"Apparently the police strike is fairly general in London. It developed suddenly at midnight."—" Dominion."

Sounds like and engagement.

"Shepherd, married, one child, ineligible, life experience, sheep, cattle, dogs."—" Dominion."

He's on the downward path with a vengeance.

"Wanted by married couple, no children . . . ."—" Times."

Tell it not in Gath!

"In many cases the girls are not really in need of their salaries.

They are pocket money which it is pleasant to spend."—"Taranaki Daily."

They should strive to pocket not only the insult but also the insulters.

"A dance organiged by the Haeremai Club was held in the V.U.C. Gymnasium on Saturday, evening. The following were chaperones : Miss Connoll, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Professor and Mrs. Sommerville, Professor and Mrs. Hunter."—"Post."

Talk about women assimilating the positions of men!