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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, October 1918

The New Path

The New Path

A new era is coming. Tennis players of the future may drive, smash or volley from the back-line of our courts without fear of tripping over a perambulator or injuring for life one of the endless stream of pedestrains who treat the notice "No Thoroughfare" with such hearty disrespect. The College Council has definitely decided to erect a path running outside the tennis-courts. It is to be about six feet in width, and to enable its erection, it is proposed, in some way, to build up the bank sloping down to Salamanca. Rd. A question of some importance, and one well worthy of discussion, is whether the Tennis Club should make an endeavour to have the wire-netting put back a couple of feet and thus widen the back-line, for the narrowness of this at the present time often spoils the play. Several graduates have given their opinion on this score, and they all emphatically state that if this would necessitate the removal of the hedge (which undoubtedly would be the case) then the extra two feet would in no no way compensate for the lack of shelter. The hedge, though not altogether adequate, fills its purpose, but has struggled for ten years to do so. Another way of lengthening the courts would be to concrete the clay bank on which the Gym. rests. This will some day have to be done, and the time now seems very adequate for so doing. It is to be hoped that some energetic members of the Students Association will take steps in this matter.

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