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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1918

Letter from P. A. Broad, 18.2.1918

Belgium, 18th February, 1918.

To the Hon Sec., Students' Association.

Dear Sir,—I wish to thank your Association for its kindness in forwarding me a pair of socks and a copy of "The Spike." I received both about a week ago, and I don't know which was the more welcome. While one was a comfort materially, the other was a spiritual solace, especially "Laconic Jenny." I would express my feelings at greater length, but I am page 22 somewhat handicapped by two things—time, and my inability to spell "sox"—I fancy "cks," but you will find somewhere about the year 1910 a capping song entitled "Sox"! and the good Lord only knows which is right.

By the way, it has occurred to me that "The Spike" people might run a competition, inviting its readers to send in guesses as to the date of the conclusion of the war, the nearest guesser to be given a prize only if he comes within twenty years of the true time. There is plenty of scope for the unruly ungraduate here, and it might prevent those numberless discussions which take place in odd corners of the College corridors to the greater disturbance of the serenity of one, Mr. Jas. Brooke. If you yourself happen to know when the war is going to end, I should be greatly obliged if you would send me a cable. I would willingly defray the expense. With many thanks again for the so(x) (cks) and "The Spike," and with the kindest regards to such of my contemporaries as may remember me.—Yours, sincerely,

P. A. Broad.

[I should like the students at the front to know how we welcome letters from them. It is our only method of hearing of the doings of many of the wandering sons of V.U.C. The more you write the better pleased we are, and you can give us much advice and as many suggestions as you like. We need it and them.—Ed.]