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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1918

Haeremai Club

Haeremai Club

The old gymnasium rang with lusty choruses on the night of the inaugural meeting of this club. Heremaite Aitken was elected to the chair, and without the usual ceremony the club was formed. Its sponsors were wit, hilarity and good fellowship. There was some discussion as to whether the club should be formed, but it was so formed. The membership is restricted to men students only, although they do like the ladies, "there are moments when men want to be alone," as the hen-pecked husband said when enduring a curtain lecture. The club has a patron, Prof. Clarke; President (or Timana) Jenkins; Komiti,: Aitken, Barker, Lusk; Secretary (or Timoni) "Smiler" Morton. There is a different chairman presiding at each meeting, and two new members are added for the purpose of assisting at each meeting, after which they retire, and are replaced by two new members. The name of club was voted on, the suggested names being the Haeremai Club, the Welcome Club, and the Jenkins' Memorial Club. Mr. Evans considered the last sugges ion frivolous, which upset Timana. One facetious member blandly asked "Has Mr. Evans proposed," and on that worthy answering in the affirmative, the interrogation followed, "Who to?" On the president's receiving his official name, it was immediately parodied to Tomato Jenkins. The College haka was practised, and the heights of Salamanca rang with the jolly cheers and hakas on the termination of a very cheerful and happy meeting. Two meetings of the club have been held and have proved a great success. It is anticipated that early in the second term the club will produce Mr. Leicester's farce, "Dido v. Aeneas," and that the talent of the town and gown (as they say at Oxford, don't you know) will also assist. On that auspicious occasion ladies will be invited. The mere male students anticipate receiving kinder attention from the fair sex until that show comes off. Afterwards won't there be some trouble?