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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1917

Examination Results

Examination Results.

Honours in Arts

  • Braddock, Catherine C.; 1st Class Mental and Moral Philosophy.
  • Gould, William H.; 1st Class Economics.
  • Oliver, Selina R.; 2nd Class Economics.
  • Sampson, Eileen N.; 2nd Class Economics.
  • Sutherland, Olive R. 2nd Class History.
  • Thompson, Roland D.; 2nd Class Mathematics.

Masters of Arts.

  • Braddock, Catherine C.
  • Gould, William H.
  • Olive, Selina R.
  • Thompson, Roland D.
  • Ross, Fanny L.
  • Sampson, Eileen W.
  • Sutherland, Olive R.
  • Tocker, Albert H.

Honours in Law.

Berendsen, Carl A.; 2nd Class Contracts, Torts, Roman Law and Company Law.

Mazengarb, Oswald C.; 2nd Class Contracts and Torts, Jurisprudence and Company Law.

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Masters of Law.

  • Berendsen, Carl A.
  • Cornish, Henry H.
  • Mazengarb, Oswald C.
  • McConnell, Robert W.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Bell, Ethel M. W.
  • Crawford, Edith J.
  • Cullen, Joseph J.
  • Duggan, Eileen M.
  • Frayne, Leonora J.
  • Junker, Dorothy F. E.
  • Lyons, Thomas
  • Mackenzie, Hugo A.
  • McMaster, James
  • O'Connell, Leonard J.
  • Ryder, Robert B.
  • Shields, Constance H.
  • Tocker, Francis A.
  • Webb, Irene G.

Bachelor of Science.

  • Jones, Ernest G.

Bacherlors of Laws.

  • Chirsp, Harry D.
  • Heenan, Joseph W. A.
  • Moss, L. M.
  • Rogers, Lancelot A.
  • Tudhope, James McC.

The following has passed sections of the B.Sc Degree: Fenton, Ethel W. J.

The following have passed section of the LL.B. Degree:—
  • Adams, H. D. C.
  • Archer, K. G.
  • Dobbie, A. E.
  • Heine, W.
  • Hemery, L. C.
  • Wiren, S. A.
  • Norman, Nora P.
  • O'Sullivan, Leo D.
  • Patterson, W. J. C.
  • Sheat, J. H.
  • Watson, N. E.
The following have passed a section of the B.A. Degree:—
  • Allan, J. A.
  • Dunn, Jessie S.
  • Dwyer, Cecilia M.
  • Jackson, P. M.
  • Knight, Winifred E. G.
  • Lewis, P. G.
  • Edmondson, L. J.
  • Espiner, Eileen V.
  • Falkner, Lilian E.
  • Gold, Ailsa L.
  • Harle, Margaret A.
  • Henry, Eudora V.
  • Hunt, Olive L.
  • Woodhouse, Iris H.
  • Lennon, Monica
  • Manson, Norman
  • McNiven, Jessie I. E.
  • McCartney, Dorothy
  • Sadlier, H. W. A.
  • Salmon, Olive R.
  • Wiren, Sidney A.
  • Woods, Edith M.
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The following has passed sections for B.Com. :—
  • Feist, F. E.
  • Brockett, A. E.

Cook Prize.

  • Thompson, Rowland D.

Senior Scholarships.

Mackenzie, Hugo; Latin (also qualified for French).

Shields, Constance; English.