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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1917

Christian Union

Christian Union.

The main objected of he Christian Union are two in number : The strengthening of the bonds of union among Christian students, and the influencing of students to become followers of Christ. The union holds a brief for no particular denomination and is entirely non-sectarian.

The aim of the union is primarily to aid students to see where they can be most useful in the service of page 53 Their fellows, in the belief that the one spirit of Christianity is service. On this basis then the Christian Union organizes its activities. It arranges groups for Bible study, membership of such groups being open to all students. General meeting are held regularly at which addresses are delivered on subjects of interest to all students. Wherever possible, questions and discussion are invited, the speakers in most cases throwing valuable light on the subject.

The students movement further is based on prayer. Religion, in brief, is a thing for everyday life, and the Christian Union aims at helping students in its practical application. Such an aim is surely worthy of claiming the attention of students.