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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1917

"Forms of Things Unknown."

page 48

"Forms of Things Unknown."


Applications (or nominations ) are invited for the position of Editor of "The Prickle." Applications are to be made on special forms provided by a special committee, appointed at a special general meeting. Candidates for the Vacant See must fill in the following form to accompany personal letter and photograph (plain or coloured.)

Application Form For Editorship Of
"The Prickle."

(Applicants are requested to write legibly).

I.Name in full:—Sir, Christian (or otherwise )
II.Pronunciation of above to be intimated by means of the phonetic system:—
III.Age (brazen age, cabbage or dotage ) :—
IV.Height (of ambition or of the ridiculous) :—
V.Weight (of argument of "till you get it" ) :—
VII.Colour of Hair (red no bar) :—
VIII.Fell (splay or pentameter) :—
IX.Voice (clamorous or amorous) :—
X.Presence (omni or party) :—
XI.Ability (histrionic or chronic) :—
XII.Tendencies (socialistic or egotistic) :—
XIII.Pastimes (present and future) :—
XIV.Qualifications (poet, orator (stump or platform), writer (leader or hack or tarradidllelist) ) :—
XV.References (1) State last journalistic engagement :—e.g., whether on Truth, John Bull, or Fleet Street ½d. Shocker.

(2) Enclose, if possible, eulgies from C.N. Baeyaertz, The Wolff Bureau, or previous Editors of "The Prickle."

(All forms to be filled up and handed in by April 1st).