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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1917

Tributes to College Celebrities

Tributes to College Celebrities.

To Prof. Mackenzie.—

"The braw words rummle o'er his head

Nor stir the sleeper."


page 45

To Rev. Ward.—

"Thou foster child of silence and slow time."


"Thou art like silence all unvexed,

Tho' wild words part my soul from thee,

Thou art like silence unperplexed,

A secret and a mystery betwixt one foot-fall and the next."

"Alice Meynell."

To Sir Robert Stout.—

"The peevish voice and 'ary mushroom 'ead

Of 'im we owned was greater than us all."


To Prof. Garrow.—

"The law is lordlich and loth to maken ende."

"William Langland."

To Prof. Hunter.—

"I was ever a fighter—so one fight more."


To Prof. Adamson.—

"The mere man's voice with all its breaths and breaks

Went sheathed in brass, and clashed on even heights

It's phaséd thunders."

"E. B. Browning."

To Mr. Tennant.—

"His wise rare smile is sweet with certainties—

Humorous and yet withal a touch of whim,

Gentle and amiable, but full of fight."


To Mr. Wilson.—

"As rich and purposeless as is the rose,

Thy simple doom is to be beautiful."

"Stephen Phillips."

To Prof. Kirk.—

"Of courtesy the flower."


To Mrs. McPhail.—

"Elle veut aux mortels trop de perfecton."


To Mr. Brook.—

"A snapper-up of unconsidered trifles."