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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1915

Answers to Correspondents

page 110

Answers to Correspondents.

Sketch of men standing in a row

Rev. B. H. W—d: (a.) If we understand you correctly, the position is this: You pass the Science wing daily, and daily some rude fellow hollers "Wowser" at you from a third story window, to your great discomfiture. We don't quite know how to counsel you. It certainly is a bit off; but no doubt the wag will tire of the game after a time. (b.) No, we haven't the slightest idea where Moses was when the lights went out. We most cordially congratulate you upon your determined adherence to the rules in circumstances that might have terrified a more timid man.

G. G. G. W - --- n: (t) If he persists in calling you "Alphabet Watson," we advise a libel action or injunction. (2) We must accept your explanation that you are not now President of the Stud. Ass. We are informed that Clere is. In fairness, you will probably admit the mistake was pardonable, especially when you consider the great weight your determined attitude on the question had with the girls.

A. G. McC - ym - -t: Don't say any more about it, old chap; he's accepted the explanation, probably with reservations, but even so, let the matter drop.

F. R-b-rts-n.: Y-e-s. We think so. But even you will admit that it's awfully difficult tolook oneself in the face without developing an alarming squint.

E. Ev-ns: (1) Certainly we have heard of the Little Corporal. But we decline to see that there is any close resemblance between you and him. (2) As you say, the examination is ridiculously easy, and as impudence and ignorance of military matters are the Chief requisites, we really don't see why you should not get a commission. (3) Why not write and produce a play yourself, just to show 'em?

Ch--rm-n of the Pr-f-ss-r-I B--rd: You have' our deepest sympathy. We suggest the adoption of some such rules as are outlined by a contributor in this number.