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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1915

(To the Editor.) London, March 28th, 1915

(To the Editor.) London, March 28th, 1915.

Dear Mr. Editor,—Some of the old V.C. students now living in England have asked me to write to you on a matter about which have some diffidence. It concerns the "Old Students' Column," and they plead for its reappearance. My diffidence is due to the fact that, under my Editorship, the column emerged again from the mists of antiquity, and I helped its emerging with some fears of being accused of love of gossip. The fears I had, and the trouble I took to collect news were both, however, forgotten in the many notes of pleasure and appreciation from page 109 old students in different parts of the Dominion. Of course, there is the danger of the column reading like the unnecessary paragraphs of the "Women's Page" and other similar institutions of the daily papers; but if you knew the pleasure it gives to people far away to read of the doings and whereabouts of their old college friends (and enemies) you would not abandon the undertaking. It is queer how much enchantment distance lends, and in truth (so these exiles tell me) those whisperings from Home are food for the soul as surely as white hyacinths were for the poet's.—Yours faithfully,

Marjory Nicholls.

[The present Editors succeeded Miss Nicholls in the Editorial Chair. Consequently it is through them that the "Old Students' Column" has been dropped.

As conscientious men we must confess that we did not like, and do not now like, the "Old Students' Column." It would be profitless to go into reasons. Nevertheless we cannot resist our Correspondents' appeal. We shall gladly publish any notes of interest about "Old Students" in future numbers. But it is upon Old Students themselves that the success of such a column depends. We solicit correspondence from them—Editors, "Spike."]